The Rich Food Request List was designed for you and for the management team at your grocery store. Simply print the list of our Rich Food choices, check off the items you would like to buy but that your supermarket currently does not stock, and bring the list to your store managers. Let them know that you would like to purchase the Rich Foods on that list that you have marked and ask them to please stock them for you. It is your right and responsibility to let the management team at your grocery store know what you are looking for and the kind of food quality you expect. We have found that most stores are happy to accommodate Rich Food requests when available—especially when numerous individuals request the same foods. Imagine the impact we can all have on the quality of the products stocked on store shelves when we all work together. We can literally crowd out Poor Foods by simply requesting that Rich Food options are stocked instead. Now, get to it Print it out, check it off, and turn it in. It is time for you to become an active member of The Rich Food Revolution!


Click here to download the Rich food request list

Remember, money talks, make sure yours is saying what you want it to say when it comes to the issue of food quality! We have a real opportunity in America to turn the health of our nation around within our lifetime, but it will take the concerted effort of each and every one of us to do it. In the end health is our most precious possession, both personally and as a nation. Make a commitment to improve your health and the health of your family today by making a conscious effort to purchase RICH FOODs whenever possible and leaving POOR FOODs on the shelves where they belong.

By doing so you will send a clear message to food manufactures and your grocery store about the quality of the food you want to purchase. Together we can make the RICH FOOD Revolution a reality!