In today's blog we want to invite you to join us for an upcoming Google Hangout this Wednesday, October 2nd @ 4PM Pacific Time!  We are thrilled that we will have a full hour to answer your questions and explore the “Simple Secrets of Optimal Nutrition” along side our friend and colleague Orleatha Smith.  She has a super story.  You can read more about her in the previous THE TEN blog.

You won't want to miss our discussion on:

  • What makes a diet optimal?
  • The difference between real food and rich food.
  • Anti-nutrients to avoid
  • Soy.. say it isn't so….
  • What to choose in the oil aisle
  • How to supplement for micronutrient sufficiency

We will also be giving out coupons.. so your time on the call will save you money as well!

We look forward to your questions. In fact, if you shoot us an email at we will grab some ahead of time and cover as many of your querries as we can!

Chat soon!
The Caltons