Pedram Shojai has had quite the life.  He has traveled around the world (like us), and now, also like us, he has decided to dedicate himself to changing the current status of global health. In this episode of IN-DEPTH, we get personal with this man who wears many hats. This film director, monk, author, and expert in martial arts shares his hope for helping people wake up and live their lives fully.

We were floored when we saw the movie VITALITY….and we are thrilled that he is allowing all of our Calton Nutrition Family the opportunity to watch it for FREE.

This movie teaches us how to increase the vital energy in our lives so we can thrive instead of merely survive and stumble along. It breaks lifestyle down into the “wheel” of Vitality and gives a great structure for us to understand health in a simple yet powerful way. It is a sane look at an insane problem…very refreshing.

Who is this movie for?

EVERYONE. Whether you’re a physician who knows most of this already or someone who’s ailing and needs all the help they can get, Vitality’s message will move you. The country of Namibia is sharing this movie with school-aged children in order to help them thrive. There are governors of a couple US states in discussion to have this movie shown to families in need and foster children. It is endorsed by the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) and the American Academy for the Advancement of Medicine (ACAM).

Long story short- doctors love it. Teachers use it. People are raving about it…and  we recommend it highly. The movie is available on amazon, iTunes, and various stores to buy/rent but we’ve got a gift for you.

We've arranged a FREE screening of the FULL MOVIE for you to see it immediately.  That’s how important this movie is. The link will only be available for 72 hours so please CLICK HERE NOW to redeem your free screening of Vitality.