Join us as we go IN-DEPTH with Alexandra Jamieson!

In this video, we will cover:

  • How and why she got started in the film, Super Size Me.
  • How Super Size me has impacted the world, including in school systems.
  • Her own personal journey to become healthy.
  • Her thoughts on fast food marketing.
  • The root causes of cravings, and why she gave up a vegan diet after 10 years.
  • And how she continues to inspire!
  • The upcoming Super Size Me 10 year anniversary summit!

We are thrilled to be speaking during the Super Size Me 10 year anniversary summit, and would love for you to join us! We truly believe that we can create a Rich Food Revolution! You can join the revolution now! Start by visiting our Rich Food Resource Center. You can download a free Rich Food Request List and transform your local grocer into a healthier place to shop!


Please join us March 10-14 for the Super Size Me 10-year anniversary summit, you can register for free HERE

To see the article about McDonald's Predatory Marketing, and scolding by a 9 year old girl, click HERE

Visit Alexandra HERE