This week we are going IN-Depth with Summer Bock! We're talking about the art of fermentation, cleansing and gut health. Summer has guided thousands of people to ideal health, and she's answering our questions. Watch the video to hear:

  • Summer's story and what set her on her current path
  • How she overcame a drug addiction
  • What over the counter medications indicate
  • Summer's favorite fermented foods
  • Why she thinks YOU should make your own sauerkraut at least once
  • Why you SHOULD be eating and drinking fermented foods
  • What’s wrong with Kombucha
  • Her dream vacation, favorite food and more!

To find Summer, you can visit her website,

We're thrilled to tell you that Summer is offering a FREE gut rebuilding training series! You should know by now that gut health is the foundation for sustained energy, long lasting immunity, and an end to digestive troubles. To take advantage of this FREE video series, click HERE. You definitely do not want to miss this!

PS. One more thing… we are addicted to her OlyKraut – it is raw, it is filled with live probiotics and it is FREAKING AMAZING.  We can't stop eating the Curry Kraut!  TO DIE FOR! Check it out HERE.