So the big talk in America today is Mayor Bloomberg's proposed soda BAN! This is the second time we have had to blog on the dangers of regulating sugar. If you didn't read our first blog you can scroll down to “Some think sugar should be regulated like tobacco and alcohol, but could education work better?” from February 6th 2012 and read it. But now its not just talk Mayor Bloomberg has taken it upon himself to tell the good people in Americas largest city – New York, that very soon they will have their ability to choose taken away from them when it comes to the size of soda they can purchase. Mayor Bloomberg is fed up paying  the health care cost associated with overweight/obesity and has decided to do something about it. So did he appeal to restaurants or to the soda manufactures themselves to reduce the size of their sodas? NO – instead he aimed and fired at our rights to decide how much soda we can drink at restaurants, street vendors, movie theaters etc. Now many of you are probably saying to yourselves – whats the big deal soda is bad for us, I don't drink it or drink very little and I don't care if I can only buy a 16oz soda if I am walking around New York, this sound like a great idea! As you know we are no strangers to the dangers of sugar and strongly advocate that we all stay away from white refined sugar all together, but we also believe that the decision to limit your sugar consumption is YOURS and YOURS ALONE!!!! We do not have the right to tell you what you can or cannot eat or drink and if we let Mayor Bloomberg get away with this ban we are opening the doors to future food bans down the line. Believe us it will NOT stop with soda, butter, red meat, full fat dairy their all up next! What you can feed your children –  how much you can feed  your children. Will you be held directly responsible for their health care costs if they become overweight or obese?Will you have the right to raise your child based on your personal dietary philosophy (vegan, vegetarian, paleo, low carb, low fat etc.) Will you pay a tax if your BMI is above a certain point. Its all being discussed – you have to understand that America is on its way to bankruptcy and policy makers are going to be looking at any way they can to raise money to avoid this from happening. The first thing they are going to do is start the argument that we can not afford our current obesity epidemic – health care costs are just too much. If you want to keep your rights to eat what you want in the quantities that you want too you will have to pay a hefty tax on anything the so called medical experts say is bad for you and which they believe adds to this epidemic. Right behind that is the BMI tax. NO this is not science fiction – it is happening right now! Our freedoms – the very foundation of what America was founded on – are being attacked. As we said in our earlier blog, individuals who want to take away our right always start with the easy win –  soda is that easy win. Everyone knows that soda is bad so whats the big deal if we restrict what you can buy to only 16oz. In theory this sounds logical even like a step in the right direction, but it sets precedence for a whole slew of further bans, regulations, restrictions, taxes etc. concerning our food. Some say because sugar is addictive we should regulate it like alcohol or tobacco, but like we have said before these are not foods! This is the first time government will be putting a ban on the amount of a carbohydrate, fat or protein we can consume. Even it you do not drink soda or think that this ban does not affect you – THINK LONG AND HARD BEFORE YOU LET THIS HAPPEN. We are all frustrated with the obesity epidemic and want to find solutions, but that does not mean throwing our hands in the air and just start taking away our personal rights to make choices concerning the most important right we have – our ability to choose what to eat. In the end we believe in EDUCATION not LIMITATION or REGULATION, our health is a direct reflection of how we eat, if we can not control that we cannot control our health! Watch the three videos below in which Mira and I are trying to battle the ban, then let your voice be heard. (start here at our facebook page) If you do not want to be told what to eat and how much you can eat stop this ban NOW!