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Do you ever wonder which produce to buy organic and which you can safely buy conventionally and save money? To help make this decision easier we offer you our very own Rich Food, Poor Food produce list designed to help you determine which fruits and vegetables are safe to buy conventionally (The Fab 14) and which ones you should spend your hard earned money on and buy organic (The Terrible 20). In creating our list we first took the Environmental Working Group's (EWG) yearly compilation of the cleanest and dirtiest produce in terms of pesticide residue. This protected us from toxins, but didn't take into account GMOs. So, next we asked Jeffrey Smith, executive director of the Institute for Responsible Technology, for his recommendations on how to best avoid GMO produce. By combining the information we created our easy-to-use produce guide, which allows you to reduce your pesticide exposure by 80% and avoid GMO produce 100% of the time! If you cannot find a particular fruit or vegetable on the list that means it fell in the middle somewhere or was not ranked. In these cases, use your best judgment. If you can get it organic without paying too much more, do so; if not, buy it conventionally.

Using the Fab 14 & Terrible 20 lists will help you secure the best produce options for you and and your family by steering you to non-GMO produce with the least amount of toxic residue. Never again will you be stuck wondering which produce you should buy organic and which is safe to buy conventionally. Best of all, our handy downloadable guide fits neatly into your wallet so you can have it with you the next time you are at the grocery store or farmers market. Why not laminate it and make it last? Better yet, this same list is available on our FREE* limited edition Rich Food, Poor Food Grocery Tote Bags. Pick one up today.

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