Terms and Conditions:

  • Referral Credit (i.e. Calton Cash) has no cash value and will only be issued when referring a new customer to CaltonNutrition.com, and not an existing customer.
  • The minimum purchase amount for a referred friend to count towards ‘Calton Cash’ Credit is $20.00 prior to any discounts/ coupons taken and shipping & handling charges. All referral credit must be used on CaltonNutrition.com.
  • Referral Credit (i.e. Calton Cash) can be redeemed in any amount on any product or program offered on CaltonNutrition.com. Referral Credit (i.e. Calton Cash ) has NO CASH VALUE. Should an item be returned that was purchased using referral credit, no U.S. cash will be refunded, only Calton Cash will be returned the account. Referral Credit (i.e. Calton Cash) does not expire.
  • Terms and Conditions apply.