Why is it that our modern viewpoint on organ meats tend to have most avoiding what is one of the most micronutrient Rich Food categories on the planet?  Did you know that organ meats, including liver is really good for you?

Somehow, in our modern culture, fat-free, well-trimmed chicken breasts seem to have become our preferred cut of choice. What you should know, is that anthropologists suggest that for our ancestors the most prized cuts of meats are often the ones we now throw out or feed to the dog! In fact, after a successful hunt tribal leaders and revered warriors where awarded the most coveted pieces starting with the liver and the animals warm blood, along with pieces of fat, heart, kidneys, brain, intestines, followed by ribs and backbone, and lastly muscle meats – the parts we pay the highest prices for today.

While it is true that there is a very distinct taste and texture to organs such as liver, we’re certain there are ways to include it (deliciously) into your diet!

Here are some “offaly” good facts about organ meats…

  • Liver has more micronutrients in a mere three ounces than does several pounds of mixed vegetables.
  • Liver is an excellent source of immune-boosting vitamins A, C and Zinc.
  • Liver is very rich in fat-soluble vitamins A and K2, as well as folate, selenium, vitamin B12 and copper.
  • Liver also has high levels of CoQ10, potassium, vitamin D, and heme iron.
  • Heart is rich in thiamin, folate, selenium, phosphorus, zinc and CoQ10.

We do recommend, as we do with all meats, that you source grass fed (organic when you can) organ meats to ensure you are getting the healthiest and most micronutrient rich cuts possible.

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