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‘First ever' criminal investigation in France into wine grower's death from pesticide use.

Ever dream of owning a small vineyard when you retire? Walking between the vines in the early morning light, sitting on the porch at dusk sipping a glass of the wine that you made while gazing out at row after row of vines filled with grapes. After reading this article, you may want to make that an organic vineyard. According to this article farmers are literally dying after years of breathing in the toxic pesticides and herbicides used on the plants. Should the corporations that are producing these deadly chemicals be held responsible for their role in vineyard workers becoming sick or dying from breathing in these toxic mixtures? If it’s potentially deadly to breath in these toxic chemicals, is it ‘safe’ to eat the fruit? Is any non-organic wine ‘safe’ for us to drink? Is it possible for all toxic residues to be washed off the grapes before processing them into a delicious wine? As we say in our book The Micronutrient Miracle, when it comes to wine, beer, and spirits, it’s time to start doing a little investigative work to find out what organic brands are available at our local grocery store as well as at our favorite restaurants and sports bars. We think you will be surprised at the selection you have to choose from. For wine, the key is to find organic or biodynamic wines (similar to organic but also takes into account things such as astrological influences and lunar cycles). This will protect us from all the potentially dangerous synthetic chemicals and added sulfites found in conventional wines. Our favorite Rich Pick wines: Hall Wines, Bonterra organic wines, Fray organic wines, Handley Cellars, and Domaine Carneros wines and sparkling wines. PS: When you get your copy of the Micronutrient Miracle, you can pair your delicious organic wine with free organic meats and sustainable seafood! visit to learn more!) Read more here.

Sugar industry secrets exposed

Has the sugar industry purposefully been hiding research that proves sugar is making us sick? According to this article more than 1500 pages of internal memos, letters, and reports recently discovered in the archives of now-defunct sugar companies, as well as in the newly released papers of deceased researchers and consultants that played vital roles in the industry’s scheme proves that the sugar industry has known for years that sugar consumption could lead to diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s. Why is the sugar industry hiding this information from the public? As this article says, the food industry sees nearly one trillion dollars in sales per year, and they couldn’t do it without sugar. As we share in our book The Micronutrient Miracle, don’t think that sugar is just in sweet treats – such as soda, sugar-laden cereals, cookies, and cakes that contain sugar. Did you know that condiments, like ketchup and mayonnaise, are likely filled with sugar too? In fact, even many brands of table salts, including the popular brand Morton with the cute little girl with the umbrella logo, contains sugar. Almost everything from frozen pizza, canned soup, and ‘healthy’ juices and yogurts are sneaking in sugar these days. It’s true! So in order to eliminate this Poor Food Perpetrator from our homes, we need to get in the habit of reading all of our food ingredient lists carefully. But watch out: food manufactures can be really sneaky, using numerous aliases on their packaging. However, we are going to outsmart them using the list in our book, Micronutrient Miracle. If you find any of these sneaky aliases listed on the ingredients list, the food needs to be exiled, out of the fridge and pantry and into the giveaway or throwaway sack. Our health is in our hands and armed with the facts the food industry can’t take it away. Read more here.

Are hospital farms the next big thing in healthcare reform?

We’ve all heard jokes about how bad hospital food is; if you weren’t sick before you were admitted to the hospital the food is so bad it will make you sick. Well not at St Luke’s Hospital in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Joining a handful of innovative hospitals, last year St Luke’s dedicated 5-acres of the hospital’s 500 acres to growing 12 varieties of organic vegetables. The farm was so successful that it produced 44,000 pounds of produce, produce that was served to patients, incorporated into the cafeteria menu, and sold at farmer’s markets on the hospital’s six campuses. Due to last year’s success, this year the hospital expanded the farm to 10-arces, planting 30 varieties of organic fruits and vegetables. Applause to St Luke’s Hospital, it’s so refreshing to hear when the medical community encourages preventative medicine rather than pushing pharmaceuticals. Want to live your optimal life? Pick up your copy of The Micronutrient Miracle today and receive $200.00 in gift certificates for great products. Read more here.