Here are this week’s top nutrition in the news headlines, to keep you informed!

Tyson Foods is Eliminating Antibiotics

With more large chain restaurants such as Chick-fil-A, Chipolte, and McDonald’s demanding antibiotic free chicken from their suppliers. Tyson Foods the nations largest chicken supplier recently announced that they would join their major competitor Perdue, by raising their chickens free of antibiotics that are medically important to humans. It’s a good start. Now if they would just commit to raising organic chickens, chickens free of not only antibiotics medically important to humans but all antibiotics, as well as fed‪#‎organic‬ non-GMO feed free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers we would be dancing a jig. Read more here.

Does Artificial Coloring Contribute to ADHD in Children?

We all know that familiar blue box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese; millions of us were raised on it and loved it. Loved it that is until the day that we sadly read the ingredients and decided that it may not be the healthiest choice in food that we could make. Since the introduction of artificial food coloring researchers have quibbled back and forth over the safety of the dyes. Yet much to our dismay even with years of study there’s been no consensus within the scientific world as to the safety of the food dyes. However as we stated in Rich Food, Poor Food, countries such as Norway, France, Austria, and Finland have opted to error on the side of safety by banning one or more of the ‘worst’ seven artificial colors that include the dyes Yellow No. 5 and Yellow No. 6 the same dyes that Kraft Foods has recently announced would now be removed from their Macaroni & Cheese. Read more here. 

Money talks and it talks loud!

We the consumers have been spending our hard earned dollars on products that do not contain genetically modified (GMO‬) ingredients and the market has finally heard. Farmers are beginning to realize that they can make more money by supplying non-GMO corn and soybeans then they can with GMO crops. Manufacturers of food products that have been watching their profits fall because of GMO corn or soy are starting to get the message. Grocery stores are seeing a rise in organic‬, non-GMO foods flying out the door. And as we’ve seen in the last few week’s restaurants are gaining patron support by providing healthy non-GMO foods. However, if we want this trend to expand and continue, we need to keep it up and make it worth their while to change. SAY NO TO GMO’s SUPPORT NON-GMO PRODUCTS! Read more here. 


30,000 doctors and hundreds of thousands of environmentalists are fighting united to kick Monsanto’s GMOs and herbicide Glyphosate out of the country. In our country Doctors attacked Dr Oz for sharing the need to even label ‪‎GMOs‬ and to warn of the dangers of Glyphosate. Argentina is doing something right. A 2013 investigation by The Associated Press found cancer rates in Argentina’s Santa Fe province, the center of the country’s soy industry, were two to four times higher than the national average, while rates of birth defects in another growing region were four times higher. As one pediatrician and public health activist put it, “The changes in how agriculture is produced has brought, frankly, a change in the profile of diseases. We’ve gone from a pretty healthy population to one with a high rate of cancer, birth defects, and illnesses seldom seen before.” Read more here. 

Are GMOs and Cancer Linked?

Still not convinced that genetically modified (GMO) crops and the pesticides containing glyphosate used on those crops can harm you. You NEED to read this article. That innocent looking ear of corn that you fed to your family for dinner last night or that cookie and ‘healthy’ soymilk that you allowed your children to eat as a treat will look very different to you after you’ve read the multiple studies examining GMO’s and the pesticides used to treat them. Numerous scientists the world over agree GMO foods and glyphosate need to be banned. Thus far 26 countries around world such as China, France, Germany, India, and Mexico have banned GMO’s. Maybe we should be asking why hasn’t the United States done anything to protect our health even after the World Health Organization announced that glyphosate “probably causes cancer”? Read more here.