As many of you know, probably most of you in reality, I was diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis at the age of 30.  Recently, I was asked to be in the film, Supplements Revealed, to share my story and help others by shedding some light on how supplemental science helped me to reverse my significant bone loss.  I want to share my interview from the film with all of you now in the hope that it can inspire you to focus on your skeletal health.  There are some juicy take-aways in the interview and combined with the information and the 40 healing habits we share in our latest book, Rebuild Your Bones, you can really make extraordinary changes to your bone health in a relatively short time.


Before watching this clip, take a minute to read the comment below from FB.  It excited us each and every time we hear a story like this…


“I think I have an encouraging story for you. Months ago, I wrote a post asking for encouragement with beginning this journey of Calton's diet, supplements and exercise and definitely prayer as a treatment for my osteoporosis. I was skeptical because Mira was only 30 when she had success with the Calton method and I was not sure it could work for a 50 year old. I had a T-score of -3 in both my femur and my lumbar. I wanted to check up on my progress, but could not get Calton tests from the US or get the same BMD test ordered by the doctor last winter (only allowed after a full year) so I got a body composition test. I know it is not the exact same test, but is a very similar machine and the areas tested are larger and then averaged (ex. whole leg not just one point on the femur) but my scores on this test had improved to be a -2.5 (which takes me just into the osteopenia realm rather than full osteoporosis! I praise God for helping me and I thank Him for pointing me toward the Calton's new book in my library. And that change comes after just 5 months of very diligent adherence to the Calton's recommendations and vitamins, etc. and definitely prayer! I am encouraged and just wanted to reach out in case this encourages any other 50-year olds or more. Hang in there and keep going! Even my exercise was not the OsteoStrong as I would like, but just moderate-fast walking and some weight training since I do not have access to OsteoStrong. I am even weighing the pros and cons of encouraging my 81-year-old mother to begin the protocol but I know that might be too challenging for her to stick to. But I can still pray for her. Take care everyone!”

Inspirational, right? I wish she would have had an Osteostrong center in the UK.. but even without one, Elizabeth was able to see improvement in only 5 months. We love reading these stories and sharing them with others in hopes that someone out there reads and discovers that they too might have the power to reverse their bone density. Micronutrients really are mighty! If you have a success story to share email it to me at