How many times on television have you heard medical experts say there are no studies that show any benefits to taking a multivitamin? However, as you know from reading Naked Calories, our explanation of Anti-Competition Technology or ourABC’s of optimal supplementation guidelines  (found in our Discovery Center), it isn’t that vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids haven’t been shown to be beneficial to our health – its because most multivitamins disregard the natural micronutrient competitions that occur when you just throw all of the micronutrients into one little pill or capsule. The battle that takes place between the competing micronutrients leaves most of them unable to be absorbed and thus unable to do their jobs and ultimately benefit your health.

Recently, both a published journal study and a magazine article have come out that illustrate how vitamins and minerals can greatly benefit our health when micronutrient competitions and synergies are taken into consideration.

The first, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolismfound that based on data from eight clinical trials involving more than 70,000 older adults, that those given vitamin D and calcium supplements were 9% less likely to die over three years than those given placebo pills! Vitamin D on its own showed no effect on death rates, but when it was combined with it’s synergistic counterpart calcium, researchers saw a significant decrease in death risk.

How significant you ask? While 9% may not sound like a lot – it is. According to Dr. Lars Rejnmark, lead researcher on the review and an associate professor at Aarhus University in Denmark, “In my view, a 9% reduced mortality in the general population of elderly is of major importance. That effect is “at least as pronounced” as the benefits linked to cholesterol-lowering statins and blood pressure drugs! “Except for stopping smoking,” he added, “there are not many other known interventions that are capable (of) such a reduction in the risk of death.”

…And now for magnesium’s competitions and synergies.

An article published in First For Women Magazine highlights the overwhelming health benefits of magnesium. Dr. Carolyn Dean M.D., N.D. (a Naked Calories endorser) and the author of The Magnesium Miracle and Dr. James L. Wilson N.D., Ph.D. author of Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome, point out that nearly 80% of us are not getting enough magnesium and that “We have a magnesium deficiency that’s pandemic in our society.”

Does this sound familiar?

Dr. Dean and Dr. Wilson also point out that taking magnesium with calcium at the same time (like in a typical multivitamin) is not recommended in that “calcium and magnesium have what’s known as an antagonistic relationship in the body.” Here at Calton Nutrition we call these micronutrient competitions. Dr. Wilson explains, “the minerals also compete for absorption in the intestine.” While calcium and magnesium are naturally competitive for absorption they are synergistic inside the body to help build strong bones.

The article also reveals another amazing synergy that takes place inside the body between magnesium and vitamin D – It turns out that vitamin D’s fat burning benefits are hindered greatly when your body is deficient in magnesium. But, when you become magnesium sufficient the two work together to burn 80% more belly fat!


Anti-Competition Technology to the Rescue.

Both of these new articles are great reminders as to the importance of taking a cutting edge product like nutreince, which is formulated with the synergies and competitions in mind.  We have harnessed the synergy between vitamin D and calcium for increased longevity in our formulation which contains  2000 IU of vitamin D and 600 mg of calcium. Our 600 mg of calcium is separated from the 400 mg of magnesium to account for their micronutrient competitions that the First for Women article pointed out.  Not to mention that fact that no other multivitamin, that we are aware of, contains beneficial quantities of all three of these key micronutrients. (see how your multivitamin stacks up to nutrience here)

The bottom line is each vitamin, mineral and essential fatty acid can produce a wide array of amazing health benefits if we let them. Scientists, doctors and researchers like the ones mentioned above have dedicated their lives to understanding how micronutrients work and publishing their work so that the world at large can live longer healthier lives. Why continue to close your eyes and pop multivitamins that clearly do not conform to modern science? We have spent years of our lives to research and develop nutreince so that our family, our clients, and people like you can have a multivitamin that actually works. But it only works if you use it. We applaud you for educating yourself about the potential health producing power of micronutrients by reading Naked Calories and our blogs, and urge you, if you haven’t already, to at least try nutreince. We are confident it will bring you one step closer to optimal health and to living your optimal life!


Here is what nutreince is doing for these people:


“After a month of Nutrience, my “hot flashes” have diminished significantly!  I've had them for about 2 years now, terrible sweats at times, 2-3 times an hour!  I haven't noticed them recently, so maybe they are gone for good!!”

Susan Page, Rockford, MI


“My brother has physical and mental disabilities (he's 31 yrs old) – and he noticed a benefit from taking it already. He works at a place for disabled adults doing various tasks (cleaning remote controls, stuffing envelopes, etc.) and he finished a certain job in the allotted time for the very *first* time – he has been working there for several years and never had been able to complete all the items before. The only difference was that he had been taking Nutrience. So he was pretty excited about that!”

Lisa P


“Taking the vitamins makes it seem like somebody wiped the lens clean and the world just sprung into focus. I'll need to restock soon.”

Tommy G, New York City

“My 93-yr old mother and I are experiencing positive results with nutrience….. Mainly sleeping better and colorful dreams. We are 3-weeks into taking nutrience and my mother has not experienced insomnia since day two. Doctors have been recommending sleep aids to her and I have been jumping up and down saying don't do it. Balance issues with elderly using sleep aids can lead to serious falls in the middle of the night! Update on my mother's AMD:  She had an appointment with eye specialist last Friday.  She was diagnosed with the dry form of AMD and the recommended treatment given was vitamins with lutein.  Of course, my mother has been taken Nutrience for over a month.  The really good news:  Pressure in both eyes was down to 13 from over 20!!!   She has never had a pressure number below 20 for over 15 years!”

Mary Alice Lynch

“I am in love with nutrience. I am ordering my second month. My nails are longer than they have been in years, and people keep complimenting me saying they don't know what it is, but I look amazing! Thank you!”

Michele M