We all want to come home to a clean, bacteria-free home that smells like a cool spring breeze. But, the more we learn about household cleaners the scarier they can be. It is time to learn about natural yet effective home cleaning tools that can save you time and money while making sure you safeguard your health!

Just because you don’t put something in your mouth doesn’t mean that you aren’t absorbing it! It’s true. In Micronutrient Miracle we shared with you how your skin is constantly absorbing the things it comes into contact with, and the average person sure is giving it a lot to drink in. In fact, the average woman uses 12 beauty and skin products containing 168 different ingredients daily. Men aren’t far behind, using six products daily with 85 unique ingredients. But who uses the most products? It might surprise you, but teen girls (whose smaller bodies are still developing hormonally) actually use an average of 17 personal care products each day—40 percent more than an adult woman.

And these numbers are only the beginning in terms of what your body is absorbing. Think about the dish detergent, stain-resistant chemically coated carpeting and furniture, cleaning products, Teflon-coated pans, laundry cleaners, dryer sheets, and air fresheners you come into contact with daily. It really adds up. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, approximately 70,000 chemicals are commonly used across the world, with 1,000 new chemicals being introduced every year! While many of these new industrialized chemicals act as obesogens, disrupting your endocrine system and causing weight gain and hormonal issues, all of them increase your toxic load.

And your body only has two ways of handling this toxic load: Either the toxins wreak havoc in your body—causing thyroid issues, neurological damage, or even cancer—or, preferably, you have enough essential micronutrients around for natural detoxification to occur. As it turns out, micronutrients work as the body’s natural detoxifiers, affecting both the absorption and excretion of these toxic contaminants. So you may not be able to tell your boss that the air freshener has to go, but you can reduce its obesogenic effect by making sure you are sufficient in your essential micronutrients, specifically the antioxidants (vitamins A, C, E, and alpha-lipoic acid) as well as magnesium, selenium, and zinc. Zinc is actually an important immune strengthener and tissue healer and is necessary for the functioning of many detoxifying enzymes, thus helping to protect the cells from pollutant toxins.


With spring having just sprung we want you to learn ways and to start making some real changes towards restricting your toxic load caused by cleaners. Here is a link to learn some of our top 10 terrific tricks from the Micronutrient Miracle to get you started no matter where you begin your journey to micronutrient sufficiency.


 Toxic chemical products are everywhere, and unfortunately, the clean ingredient, safer products are harder to find, and too often they are over priced! That is why it is time to take it into your own hands and go for a cleaner clean at a smaller cost. Our in.essence organic essential oils can do just that!

Need to clean the counters? Try our Lemon Oil All Purpose Cleaner – just a quick recipe away.

Want to enjoy a spring picnic and survive the bugs without dangerous repellent? Create a home bug repellent that smells nice and keeps and keeps the pesks away.

Looking to freshen the laundry? Make your families laundry smell as fresh as the lavenders fields in France.

Would you enjoy returning home to the freshest of fragrances? Enjoy a home filled with the infusion of fresh basil and lemon scents… no reason to always make things floral!

Do you want to ditch your drier sheets? You may be coating your clothes with camphor, chloroform, or ethyl acetate, all of which are on the Environmental Protection Agency’s hazardous waste list, or with alpha-terpineol, benzyl alcohol, or linalool, all of which are known to cause nervous system disorders. Instead simply add essential oils to a wet cloth before starting the dryer.

You can clean glue or gum from a carpet, shine your shoes, or kill the sting of a bee… There are numerous unusual and important ways for you to enjoy our organic in.essence oils.


Essential oils are super powerful, health-promoting tools that can be used in three distinct ways:

  1. Diffuse them. When diffused, essential oils fill the air with beautiful scents that not only replace toxic air fresheners, that can cause hormonal imbalances, but have also been shown to decrease stress levels, increase natural energy, and even generate romance. †
  2. Ingest them. Essential oils make it simple to make health enhancing kitchen swaps.  Ditch that soda habit for good and instead flavor your sparkling water or tea with just a couple drops of in.essence organic, food grade essential oil. Looking to save time? Out of oranges? Perhaps basil isn’t one of your grocery staples?  Don’t worry in.essence will let you add these flavors and many others to your meal without running to the store.  And essential oils not only deliver fantastic flavors, but you’ll also get their undeniable health benefits.†
  3. Apply them. Avoid toxic body care products by making simple DIY swaps using essential oils.  Your homemade lotions and shampoos will smell fantastic and offer you amazing therapeutic benefits. And don’t forget about home goods! It is time to clean house! Use in.essence to create non-toxic cleaning supplies that will produce a clean, bacteria-free environment for you and your family. †

To help you get started improving your life with in.essence essential oils we are offer you a FREE Quick Start Essential Oil Recipe Book that goes beyond creating a clean home.  Some of the recipes you will find inside include:

  • Super Fresh Face Wash
  • Homemade Luster Building Shampoo
  • Spinach and Basil Pesto
  • Fresh Spring Pasta
  • Orange Whipped Cream
  • Orange Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • Citrus Garlic Fish
  • Thai Shrimp Noodle Soup
  • Luscious Lavender Chocolate Bars
  • Lemony Triple Threat Shake