We’ve discovered a weird new approach to weight loss… that’s actually pretty cool. And this week on the Ten we want to share it with you and introduce you to a good friend of ours who has a ton of energy. It was developed by our friend and colleague Grace Suh, acupuncturist and blogger at the Huffington Post, the approach uses some truly bizarre techniques, like this: Grace teaches you how to flick, flap and pull your ears to become a better fat burner. And she is going to show you in this video how to shake like a dog and massage your shoulder in a very specific way to release stress. Sounds strange, right?

Grace teaches her clients numerous Eastern & Western techniques when they want to lose fat fast. She also makes some strange recommendations when it comes to food – namely, that you can eat plenty of delicious, savory food that will leave you feeling more satisfied than ever and still lose weight. In fact, Grace claims that her eating method will lead to a life free from yo-yo dieting. But, she says, there’s a specific flavor ingredient you must include in these meals for it to work. If you don’t get this right, your eating may backfire and make you fatter than you were before. We're fascinated by Grace’s approach and we highly recommend checking it out.

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We promise that there is nothing to buy at this link – just a valuable mini-course on Grace’s fat loss method. But this won’t be up for long, so be sure to check it out now. Plus, discover how to exercise in less than 10 minutes a day and get even better results than exercising more.
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