Are you feeling stressed and spent from the holiday season? You're not alone! Studies show that up to 56% of women have trouble sleeping during the holiday season. This week, we're bringing you a little tip to help you survive holiday stress and fatigue this year.

First things first, you should meet the common stress and fatigue inducing culprit…

Adrenal Exhaustion.

This common condition sets in when chronic stress overwhelms the adrenal glands and they become unable to do their job of regulating the stress hormone, cortisol. As a result, cortisol imbalances disrupt the production of sleep promoting hormone melatonin. This can lead to some pretty restless sleep!

For many women, a magnesium supplement can be a real a game changer for improving sleep. however, if your sleep is due to adrenal fatigue you may want to consider adding in an herbal supplement, such as Ashwaganda. In addition to taking essential vitamins and minerals, supplementing with about 450mg of this indian herb daily nourishes the adrenals and optimizes the output of key hormones, including cortisol and melatonin.

One Japanese study found that this herb cuts stress induced fatigue by 80% in just five days!

We always recommend starting with the basics, so if you aren't taking a vitamin supplement, take a look at nutreince. If you're unsure whether or not your multivitamin is working for you, take a look at this quiz, to see how it stacks up.

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Since we're speaking of stress today, if you know someone who gets easily stressed around the holidays, please share this with them! Solving someone else's holiday stress may actually make your holidays more pleasant as well. 

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