Join us as we take a trip through the grocery store to help you identify the RICH FOODs from the POOR FOODs.

With over 40,000 food items in the typical grocery store its not easy to know if your choosing the healthiest options. In today's episode we take John Elliot host of CBS's On The Couch down the aisles to show him how to avoid some common POOR FOOD perpetrators.
Also if you missed this face off between Mira and Dennis Kneale you will want to watch this new report. Mira is defending a 9 year old girl who yelled at McDonald's CEO for predatory marketing and Dennis is defending McDonalds!
Lastly if you haven't signed our Arctic Apple petition yet at please do. We don't want more GMOs in the grocery store your signature can make a difference!SIGN OUR PUT A FREEZE ON THE ARCTIC APPLE PETITION HERE

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