To begin, we want to apologize that it has been awhile since our last blog. For those of you who don’t follow us on facebook, and haven’t been viewing our relaxing beach & resort photos, we took a short vacation to the Caribbean to recharge before we jump into our next book.  That’s right, not only do we have the re-release of Naked Calories this October, but we are also beginning work on our new book, which we are extremely excited about.  Besides, we are just huge fans of vacations.  Not only do we get our vitamin D from the sunshine, but we also believe that there are huge benefits in allowing our spirits to recharge and relationships to reignite.

Now that we are back we are thrilled to share with you a great project that we're involved in.  First and foremost, we want you all to goIMMEDIATELY and sign up for the FREE Primal Cooking Workshop . Yes, we are the keynote chefs.  We will be the first to present in this brand new cooking seminar format, and we think it is going to be a huge hit. If you one of the thousands of people who liked our mayonnaise video, and want to see us take our world famous “ZUGHETTI” recipe (page. 189 RFPF) to the next level (Zughetti with Fresh Pesto and Sauteed Shrimp) this is a DO NOT MISS FREE OPPORTUNITY!

Here is some information to wet your whistle… and induce some major cravings for RICH FOODS:

The world's best known real food experts, authors and chefs convene for this
FREE online event to teach you the art of cooking healthy, primal foods.

So you've adopted a super healthy primal life, but you feel like there has to be more than just grass-fed burgers, sweet potatoes and bacon. Indeed, it's easy for us to fall into the habit of cooking the same go-to foods over and over again. It may get to where even the tastiest food begins to lose its appeal. 

Whether you're a veteran of eating real food or just beginning this journey, you can always benefit from fresh ideas and even fresher recipes.

The Primal Cooking Workshop is a fun, exciting and entertaining five-day event.

It features today's most popular foodies, bloggers and experts in the health and nutrition industry teaching you how to take your cooking to the next level.

Best of all it is FREE!

You'll learn:

• How to make simple meals look and taste like they're from 5 star restaurants

• How to navigate your grocery store, farmer's market and of course, your kitchen

• How to get even the pickiest eaters to eat healthy

• The essential tools you need in your kitchen

• Delicious “kid-approved” recipes. Your kids will be begging for healthy primal meals!

• Amazing and decadent grain-free dessert recipes


Register during the pre-launch period (July 28 thru Aug 4) and receive some exclusive preview videos and other bonuses!

August 4 – August 8!

Sessions will begin at 9:00AM EST



Now, for our second announcement.  We have added a new product to our lineup of stevia offerings.  It’s Stevita Flavor Crystals. Not only are the Stevita Flavor crystals fabulous for flavoring your nutreince natural, but they are awesome for those looking for something to drink during the day that is fruit flavored and refreshing.  We love them for kids too, because you can now make a fruit punch that isn’t smacking you in the face with POOR FOOD ingredients. They are also my favorite add-in when making a batch of nutreince gummies because the real fruity flavors create gummies that rival the real candy treats. We offer great discounts on orders of more than one, and as with all the stevia they ship FREE with your nutreince order!  Grab yours today on one of the 5 fruity flavors.