Join us this week as we go in depth with our good friend and Calton Nutrition Advisory Board member Dr. Tami Meraglia!

Dr. Tami is double board certified in integrative and cosmetic medicine, as well as the medical director at Vitality Medispa in Seattle, Washington! She is passionate about helping women take charge of their health and happiness, and she just wrote a brand new book titled, The Hormone Secret!

In the video, we'll discuss:

  • What compelled Dr. Tami to write The Hormone Secret
  • What her new book is about, and what it's going to deliver to women
  • Who should be reading The Hormone Secret, and how this book is different
  • How micronutrients come into play in balancing your hormones
  • Typical results you will see in 30 days!

For a limited time, you can get your FREE copy of Dr. Tami's incredible book, simply click here!


How to hit your hormone reset button with @askdrtami #caltonnutrition