It’s true.  Not only will you be better in the sack with that special someone, your health will improve in numerous ways, and the info from our guests new book might even save your life.

We want to tell you that our hearts are pitter pattering a bit this week as well as we launch our first In-Depth from the new studio.  In fact, not only is the studio new.. we had a ton of new announcements in this VIDEO!!!

In this (our very first) episode we welcome Dr. Steven Masley to the show.  He is a physician, nutritionist, trained-chef, and author) and he is celebrating the release of his new book, The 30 Day Heart Tune-Up.

He has graciously invited you all to receive a FREE gift package!  GRAB THEM BY CLICKING HERE NOW!

The digital package includes:

  • Know Your Risks – The Tests You Must Have that Your Doctor May Not Be Ordering. Quiz and Guide
  • Are You Getting What You Need for a Healthy Heart? Nutrient Guide
  • Join Dr. Masley in his Kitchen & Whip Up His Favorite, Delicious, Heart Healthy Recipe

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