We here at Calton Nutrition are passionate about many things, however micronutrient sufficiency, optimal living, and proper supplementation are very important to us! We were recently taking a look at some new research published about the micronutrient, choline, and decided it was a must share.

You may have never even heard about this little micronutrient, but we think it's important to bring to your attention because within this new research, it was brought to light that 90% of American's are not getting enough of it!

Choline can be found naturally in beef and chicken liver, egg yolks, salmon, milk, among other things. In 1998, it was recognized by the Institute of Medicine as an essential nutrient, with a recommended daily intake of 550 mg for men, and 425 for women. (Source: NutraIngredients-USA)

It's been found that in pregnancy, low choline diets can be linked with higher rates of birth defects, and in adults, low choline diets can result in fatty liver, and muscle damage. (source: Dr. Zeisel)

While WE agree that choline is essential, we want to encourage you to take a look at your current multivitamin, (especially if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant in the future).  We are happy to share with you that we've formulated nutreince with 425mg of choline, while some other popular manufacturers – have not even included it. Take a look:




While some of the above supplements have included minimal amounts of choline, we can tell you that they have not followed the ABCs of supplementation guidelines, resulting in a multivitamin that falls drastically short.

We'd encourage you to head over and find out how your multivitamin stacks up, not just with this one nutrient, but in ALL areas of formulation. Put your multivitamin to the test! Also, explore more about nutreince, and why it really is, the only multivitamin of it's kind.