Wow! January is almost over.  Can you believe it?

This year is really flying by.  Many of you, like us, likely made some New Year resolutions, but by now a lot of you might be letting them slide a bit already.  We made a HUGE resolution this year.  One we are not going to let slide.  You see, we just got back from speaking at a conference on wealth and health. It was called the “Wealthy/Wellthy conference” (great name right?) Now many people don’t see how wealth and health are connected, but believe us all the wealth in the world is useless without your health. This conference really got us thinking about the importance of this year’s resolution, which was to try to focus equally on all areas of our lives and live a more balanced life.  Sounds hard, right?

You all likely know that over the last few years the majority of our focus has been on helping our clients, writing our books, developing our nutritional products, and on the growth of Calton Nutrition in general.  However, while our life’s work is “health,” sometimes we don’t have as much time as we would like to focus on the other areas of our lives.  Meal planning suffers, workouts get cancelled, personal relationship time is pushed aside.  Well, being at the Wealthy/Wellthy conference reminded us that we really need to start focusing on all the areas of our lives. We are no good to ourselves, our clients or our community if our lives are not fully balanced.  We need to design our lives to be everything we desire – and not get caught up in being hyper-focused in one area while the others suffer.

This year, it is our resolution to invest the same amount of time, energy and yes, money into our personal health, relationships and continuing education as we currently do into our business. We want to share that message with you all and hopefully some of you will start to think of your lives in this way.  You will be hearing us talk more and more about this over the coming year…which is why, when we were offered a place on this incredible speaking tour we jumped at it!

Breakthroughs in all areas of your life… and the 40 of the biggest names coming together this year to share their insight.

All of us on the tour specialize in BREAKTHROUGHS.

You know, that moment where you discover something, and you know that your life will never be the same. Where a brick wall that’s been in your path, falls down.

In each of the 40 cities, you will see 7 very special breakthroughs! Some of the greatest thought leaders of our time, from all over the world. They will be flying in to share tips, tricks, laughs—and a roadmap to becoming the healthiest and happiest person you know!

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In the film, 10 speakers from the tour share their own powerful stories of crisis, leading to a breakthrough, that opened them up to extraordinary success, happiness, and health.

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Can’t wait to meet you, LIVE, soon!