First we hope have all had a joyous holiday season! We were fortunate enough to escape to the Caribbean for some much needed rest and relaxation before the release of our new book Rich Food, Poor Food. Which, by the way we will be talking to Jimmy Moore about TOMORROW NIGHT (January 10th) at 7PM EST on his Ask The Low Carb Experts show – please tune in – here is the link. And if you haven’t seen the new cover yet for Rich Food, Poor Food check it out here!

Speaking of new books we want to take a moment to post a review on a new book called The Primal Connection by our good friend Mark Sisson. Now if you are thinking “I have already read The Primal Blueprint and I don’t need to read another diet book right now” you are in for a real treat, because The Primal Connection is not a diet book at all. It’s a book that will give you the tools to turn whatever dietary philosophy your are currently following (primal, paleo, low carb, 4SEASONSFORLIFE, etc.) into a lifestyle. It teaches you how to connect to your life again through relationships, play, creativity and redefining your core values. The Primal Connection is a book that gives us a reprieve from talking about diet for a moment and focuses on building an optimal life. Order your copy today.

When people first sit down with a health expert and want to know how to create a healthy lifestyle most experts inevitably start by educating them on the importance of their overall diet, but make no mistake about it there is a lot more to building a healthy lifestyle than just ones diet. Sadly, the vital topics discussed in The Primal Connection like the importance of community, connection, and introspection are rarely topics most health professionals ever get around to discussing with their clients. Most of us are so worried about how much time we spend in the gym or how many grams of carbs or fat we are eating that the idea of play, sunshine, and personal relationships seem millions of miles away from what will ultimately produce that healthy lifestyle we are all looking for.

Mark Sisson has truly given us a gift as he steps outside the boundaries of writing a traditional “diet” book and delves deep into the all-important philosophical, social, and behavioral aspects of optimal health. We cannot recommend this book highly enough. With each turn of the page it reminded us of what we had seen first hand in the remote tribes we have studied around the world during our 6 year, 7 continent,100+ country expedition we called The Calton Project. Being present in the moment, a strong community and a sense of purpose are the framework on which a strong tribe is built and from where personal strength, vitality and health are realized. No matter what your level of physical health The Primal Connection will give you the tools you need to take your health to the next level. The lessons you will learn between the pages of this thought provoking and inspiring book will enhance your life in ways you may never have thought of and help you understand the true meaning of living an optimal life.

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