Caveman Feast is no joke!  This cookbook by George Bryant and Abel James is “bonk you over the head” filled with delicious recipes that anyone from a novice cook to a seasoned grill master can enjoy.  There are over 200 recipes ranging from grain and guilt free sweet treats, to savory soups and hearty entrees— just perfect for the cool fall and winter evenings ahead.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert you are assured months and months of irresistible recipes sure to bring smiles to the whole clan.

One thing we really like about this cookbook is that some recipes are higher in fat and others lower…some recipes are higher in carbs and others lower.  This is great, because we don’t all follow the same exact guidelines, and our bodies, as different as they are, may preform better at different macronutrient ratios.  And as many of you know, or may have just read in our guest blog on Mark's Daily Apple, we believe in a seasonal approach to dieting, and the recipes in Caveman Feast, by offering varying ratios of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, allow us to alter these ratios as we move through our seasons.

Additionally, if you know us, you probably also know that we are not huge fans of any forms of sugar (honey and maple syrup included – rare use only) – so our recommendation would be to substitute a pure stevia product for the other sweeteners mentioned in the recipes the way we do – or an organic coconut nectar to minimize insulin spikes. Also, remember to utilize organic spices to limit your exposure to the free radicals caused by irradiation.  All the recipes in Caveman Feast are simple and satisfying and by the way…they are not just for those already following a Paleo Diet.  We think that everyone can enjoy these delightful dishes! So regardless of your dietary philosophy…take a bite out of this book. You'll be glad you did!