Science tells us that we all have fingerprints that are unique to just us. It seems, that our sense of taste may be just as unique. Meaning that there is no way to know if what tastes good to one person will necessarily taste good to another. If someone would have said this to us at a dinner party a few years ago we may have challenged the notion. Perhaps saying something like “That’s not true look at all the people that love xyz brand of this or abc brand of that.” However after receiving the many letters, concerning the taste of nutreince this last year we have come to the conclusion that an individual’s palate is as unique to them as their fingerprint.

To the thousands of you out there who drink nutreince everyday and have written, telling us how much you enjoy its taste and overall health benefits – thank you! Your letters have been greatly appreciated. However, every once in a while we get a letter for a nutreince customer that reminds us that different people can have very different taste experiences with the exact same product. For example, this very morning we received the following email:


I received my Nutreince today very excited until I read the ingredients. Contains Stevia.

So of course I tried a morning dose. I diluted as instructed, but could not drink it because it is sickly sweet. I kept diluting in the hope of it becoming acceptable to consume. It got to a liter & a half before I could bearably drink it before my head started to pound & became foggy & groggy. Most of it had to go down the sink. Seriously I felt drunk, I had gone totally over the top like I had popped a couple of rave pills!

I cannot by any means consume this product, it's totally inconsumable, it sends me off my head! I would like to return my purchase for a full refund please.


(Many of you have sent wonderful testimonials concerning nutreince and we are going to end this blog with a few.)

This in no joke! This is a real letter from a person describing their experience drinking nutreince.  And they’re not the only one. So instead of banging our heads against the wall trying to come up with a nutreince flavor that will please every palate we have decided to create nutreince natural – a simple, straight forward, unsweetened, unflavored version of nutreince that allows the consumer to dictate the water volume and taste experience themselves. While nutreince natural has a slightly “vitaminy” taste, it is for the most part a neutral palate that does not require the 16oz of water that the original nutreince was formulated for, and instead can be taken with as little as 4 – 8oz.  It is also very easily flavored if that is what your prefer. We like to use Stevita flavored stevia drops, now available in our store, but any number of natural flavor enhancers can be used.

Additionally, it has always been our intention to update and improve nutreince whenever possible. When we formulated nutreince natural we were able to add a non-GMO source of vitamin K2 (now 50/50 K1/K2) and a full spectrum of palm fruit derived tocotrienols (an often overlooked source of vitamin E) to complement the full spectrum of natural tocopherols nutreince has always contained. We feel these additions separate nutreince even further from other multivitamins and of course these changes will also be carried through to future batches of all nutreince varieties.


Don’t forget to give the gift of health this holiday season—nutreince makes a wonderful gift for anyone on your holiday list! Our gift to you is a holiday coupon.  You can use it to order nutreince original or nutreince natural.  Just enter the coupon code: HOLIDAYS at check out and receive $10 off your next purchase.

We hope you enjoy this new version of nutreince – We wish you and your family a happy, healthy holiday season!


Hi Mira,

After a month of Nutrience, my “hot flashes” have diminished significantly! I've had them for about 2 years now, terrible sweats at times, 2-3 times an hour! I haven't noticed them recently, so maybe they are gone for good!!
Susan, Rockford, MI

My brother has physical and mental disabilities (he's 31 yrs old) – and he noticed a benefit from the it already. He works at a place for disabled adults doing various tasks (cleaning remote controls, stuffing envelopes, etc.) and he finished a certain job in the allotted time for the very *first* time – he has been working there for several years and never had been able to complete all the items before. The only difference was that he had been taking Nutrience. So he was pretty excited about that!

Nutreince, has done three things for me.
One. It simplified my pantry, I no longer have a myriad of bottles from a dozen manufacturers cluttering my cabinet, because I get everything I need in two convenient pre-portioned water soluble doses. I no longer have to worry about something I never knew was an issue. Nutrient competition and bioavailability aren’t even on my radar, because Nutreince already has dialed it in for me.
Two. I don’t have to worry about loss of nutritional availability and unnecessary oxidization. I don’t have pills collecting pocket lint or waiting in a plastic container to be consumed. I have two delicious vitamin shakes I consume when I wake up and just after lunch. Nutreince is conveniently sealed in two foil packets clearly labeled for AM and PM use. I only use what I need, when I need it. Which is twice a day, everyday.
Three. The true test of any product is how it changed your life in respect to before you were introduced to it. Since using Nutreince, I feel centered, I feel balanced and I feel uncharacteristically whole.Taking the vitamins makes it seem like somebody wiped the lens clean and the world just sprung into focus. I'll need to restock soon.
Tommy G
New York City

I am in love with nutrience. I am ordering my second month. My nails are longer than they have been in years, and people keep complimenting me saying they don't know what it is, but I look amazing! Thank you!

My 93-yr old mother and I are experiencing positive results with nutrience….. Mainly sleeping better and colorful dreams. Taste doesn't bother us. We are 3-weeks into taking nutrience and my mother has not experienced insomnia since day two. Doctors have been recommending sleep aids to her and i have been jumping up and down saying don't do it. Balance issues with elderly using sleep aids can lead to serious falls in the middle of the night!

Update on my mother's AMD: She had an appointment with eye specialist last Friday. She was diagnosed with the dry form of AMD and the recommended treatment given was vitamins with lutein. Of course, my mother has been taken Nutrience for over a month. The really good news: Pressure in both eyes was down to 13 from over 20!!! She has never had a pressure number below 20 for over 15 years!
Mary Alice

I have to tell you what Nutreince is doing for me. My husband and I are on our fifth box (ordered six to start). Since James and I are sharing, we've been taking it for almost three months. I've lost six pounds and I'm not eating differently or exercising any more than usual. I have always been within the recommended weight for my height and age, but I was not happy with that. I had not been able to lose more than two pounds at a time and then would gain it right back. This was even after cutting sugar from my diet (editing your book convinced me). I had finally given up. One day it dawned on me that my clothes fit differently–especially around my waist. I got on the scale and imagine my surprise when I had lost six pounds! Woo hoo!! I haven't gained it back.

Not only that, but I recently had some blood work done and my cholesterol was 205 (the lowest it has ever been since I've been having it checked–nearly 20 years. It has been between 220-238.) I have an aversion to fatty foods and can't do dairy because of lactose intolerance, so I could only figure that my body was manufacturing it. I went round and round with different doctors, as I refused to take the statins. One of my half sisters is in bad shape from the vile stuff and an aunt as well. I wasn't about to take it!

I know I always seem to be talking about poop, but after years of chronic constipation, things are working nicely. 🙂
And finally, because I am starting to sound like a snake oil salesman, I feel younger. I quit my day job because of the large amount of editing, but also because my book was published the first part of June. (The name of the book is Above All Things – The Story of An Evangelical Mother and Her Gay Daughter.) I have been running like a woman with her hair on fire ever since–but I don't need to tell you how it is. I don't think I could keep this pace if it weren't for your wonderful micronutrients.

Just wanted you and Jayson to know what you have done for me, and how much I appreciate it. I hope all is well in your world. I miss our cyberspace relationship!

I am healthy and fit 47 y/o without any physical complaints. I eat a balanced whole foods diet. 4 weeks ago I replaced my vitamin regimen with Nutreince. (saw you on Fox and read the book) I had a little trouble with flavor at first. But within a few days I noticed a significant increase in energy and it has lasted. I felt fine but now I feel great! Amazing what happens when you absorb your vitamins!

My tryglcerides dropped fro 83 to 46, when it had been 83 for years. I feel better than I did before starting Nuteince even though I still feel tired but I also have hypothyroidism & don't think my counts are where they need to be, yet.

I also had a follow-up bone scan done last week for my Oteopenia and will get the results at my Endo appt next Wednesday. My Endo had prescribed Altevia, but this was about the time I heard your story on FOX & ordered the Nutreince and read your book. I decided against taking the meds and wanted to see if diet and Nutreince can reverse the Osteopenia.

I am 48 yrs old, and have had osteoarthritis since I was 30. I have had several bone fusions on my left foot, many of which didn't fuse and my otho sent me to the endo who diagnosed me with osteopenia and low Calcium (even though I was taking a multivitamiin and Calcium supplement), low Vit D and low B12. Since taking Nutrience, my Endo has cut way back on supplements for all of these due to how well my counts improved.

My husband is also taking the Nuteince and is pleased with it.


I just ordered Nutrience after I finished reading Naked Calories. I love that it has astazanthin! I have been taking it for a while now, and I appreciate its value. I also returned for vacationing in FL, and did not burn in the sun and I had great stamina for all my activities!


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