Explore the ABCs of Optimal Supplementation Guidelines..
In this video we will reveal:

  • How to eliminate the secret battle going on in your multivitamin that may be causing the benefits of over 80% of the vitamins and minerals to be negated.
  • Why taking a multivitamin with iron or copper may be dangerous to your health.
  • How to boost the absorption of one micronutrient commonly found in most multivitamins by up to 200%.

I am healthy and fit 47 y/o without any physical complaints. I eat a balanced whole foods diet. 4 weeks ago I replaced my vitamin regimen with Nutreince. (Saw you on Fox and read the book) I had a little trouble with flavor at first. But within a few days I noticed a significant increase in energy and it has lasted. I felt fine, but now I feel great! Amazing what happens when you absorb your vitamins!