Dear Optimal Life Insiders,

As you may imagine, the most rewarding part of what we do is learning about all the lives that have been changed because of our books Naked Calories and Rich Food, Poor Food and our product nutreince. But he 2nd best part is getting to know other amazing professional within the health and wellness space. Let’s face it, there’s a lot to navigate when it comes to your health – and finding the right advice is not always easy, right? So a small group of us – the people we consider to be the best minds and thought-influencers in health & wellness today, are doing something more. We are creating a new digital magazine called “BeMore Magazine” specifically to share our best insights, info, recipes and tools with you!

Your clickable copy is here, at no cost – BeMore Magazine is a gift from us to support YOU and those you love. [CLICK HERE]

Never before has a health magazine brought together a group of well respected experts like this, just look at who is involved – Dr. Pedram Shojai, Dr. JJ Virgin, Alex Jamieson, Leanne Ely, Dr. Sara Gottfried, Cynthia Pasquella, Dave Asprey, Able James, Dr. Jonny Bowden, Larry Ostrovsky, Dr. Josh Axe, Nick Polizzi, Yuri Elkaim, Jackie Wicks and of course, yours truly “The Caltons.” A magazine featuring content from any one of these individuals would be worth a look, but a magazine where every page has advice and insights form one of these luminaries is a must read! We just got to see the first issue ourselves, the articles are amazing and the best part of all its absolutely FREE! Just click the link above and check out the first issue for yourself…P.S. our article is on page 25 – don’t miss it. 😉

Enjoy this gift.  Remember, there’s no price or fee – just priceless, valuable, solid info from us and the people we personally trust. Welcome to BeMore Magazine, a place to be engaged, educated and empowered with provocative cutting-edge insights, info, stories and tips! We're also involved in a number of powerful philanthropic efforts that are changing the world with this project and we’re excited to share it with you. We would love to hear your comments – let us know what you think of BeMore! (Tell us here)

Live Your Optimal Life,
Mira & Jayson

PS, For a short time, we’re making BeMore available to the public. You are welcome to invite your family & friends to sign up and be part of the tribe, at no cost, by going to our website: