Many of you may have read the cover article in Woman’s World Magazine last month in the June/July issue highlighting the all of the amazing benefits so many people have experienced while following our Micronutrient Miracle 28-day plan. First, for the thank you’s … and then to how the magazine really got it wrong! Finally, enjoy our $$apology$$!

Thank you

We want to start off by saying we are so proud of everyone mentioned in the article including Kathryn “Micki” Daniel (she was on the cover of the Women’s World issue) who lost 16 pounds and 2 sizes in her first 28-days and is reversing her osteoporosis; Jean Ewing who eliminated her chronic headaches and lost 10 pounds her first week and Amber Davis who regained her lost energy, eliminated her acid reflux and ended up losing 20 pounds! You are all rock stars and we can’t thank you enough for sharing your story with millions of people around the world.

We also want to thank the thousands upon thousands of you who have embarked on our 28-day journey and have written us sharing your amazing success stories. However…

How the Magazine got it wrong

While we also want to thank Women’ World Magazine for introducing The Micronutrient Miracle to millions of women (and men) around the world, and touting the truth about the healing powers of micronutrient sufficiency – THERE ARE 3 GLARING FALSE RECOMMENDATIONS IN THE ARTICLE THAT WE NEED TO SET STRAIGHT!

  1. The magazine showed Vitamin Shoppes Vitamin & Mineral Powder that led some people to think that it is part of the Micronutrient Miracle program. Vitamin Shoppes Vitamin & Mineral Powder is in NO WAY equal to our patented multivitamin – nutreince, and is NOT a product that we would ever recommend. Vitamin Shoppes Vitamin & Mineral Powder will NOT give you same results that nutreince will. (We explain why below)
  1. The article made it appear that we recommend fruit & starchy carbs on a daily basis. We do NOT recommend (in any of our 9 condition specific menu plans) that you include in your Micronutrient Miracle meal plans a daily serving of fruit and a daily serving of starchy vegetables. Even our most generous protocols only allow for 2 servings per week of either a gluten-free starch, OR fruit, OR nuts/seeds.
  1. We have no idea where they came up with the %s of food on a Micronutrient Miracle approved plate. We in NO WAY agree with the articles statement that a good rule of thumb is to: “Fill 25% of your plate with lean protein, 25% with starch (such as potatoes, brown rice or corn), 50% with fruit/veggies, top with some good fat.”

Those of you who have read our books and watched and listened to the countless videos and podcasts we have done over the years will easily be able to see the issues with these three points. However, for those of you who are new to Calton Nutrition, we wanted to make sure that our message, the message we have spent over a decade forming and speaking on, has not been somehow muddled by this article.

So, while you can read our true recommendations for the diet in our best selling book The Micronutrient Miracle, there is no place where we review the problems with the Vitamin Shoppe Vitamin & Mineral Powder. So, we thought we would take this as a teaching opportunity. We also urge you to learn more about choosing a well-formulated supplement by watching our free video series on The ABCs of Optimal Supplementation Guidelines and by taking our free Multivitamin Stack Up quiz to evaluate any multivitamin you might be considering. But, for today we want to share with you 5 of the biggest flaws we found with the Vitamin Shoppe Vitamin & Mineral Powder that the magazine mistakenly showed a photo of… which we in no way would EVER recommend. 

Here are the top 5 things wrong with The Vitamin Shoppe Multivitamin & Mineral Powder. (but there are so many more!)

  1. It is an all-in-one with no Anti-Competition Technology!

This powder does not take into consideration Anti-Competition Technology. It is formulated using ancient technology – like an old rotary phone – totally out of date! Instead of having two completely different AM and PM formulas that separate the vitamins and minerals science has shown compete for absorption and utilization, Vitamin Shoppes Vitamin & Mineral Powder combines all the competing vitamins and minerals into one formula. This is one of the main reasons why medical science says that multivitamins don’t work and that nearly 80% of the vitamins and minerals in the typical multivitamin are literally flushed right down the toilet. (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)

Separating these competitive micronutrients is what makes nutreince’s formulation so different and so far superior to other multivitamins. Eliminating these competitions allowed the vitamins and minerals to finally do their jobs. It is literally like unlocking the door to the amazing health benefits of each and every micronutrient. It is why we believe so many people are seeing such extraordinary health benefits on our 28-day Micronutrient Miracle plan and main reason why Mira’s bones were able to rebuild so quickly and efficiently.

This technology is so advanced, and so unique, that we were given a US patent – we call it Anti-Competition™ Technology. It works by separating competing vitamins and minerals into completely different formulas to be taken at separate times during the day in order to naturally eliminate the competitions between competitive micronutrients.

  1. They only contain 200 mg of magnesium and it is not delivered in a citrate form.

Most multivitamins only supply small amounts of magnesium because of its bulky size, but Vitamin Shoppe’s Vitamin & Mineral Powder still only supplies 200 mg of magnesium, and it is supplied in the wrong form. Nutreince supplies 400 mg of magnesium citrate, one of the most bioavailable forms, through ionic conversion utilizing non-gmo citric acid. (that is double what is in Vitamin Shoppe’s inferior formulation) This is a big deal, since most people are deficient in magnesium a micronutrient responsible for over 300 essential metabolic reactions, such as the transmission of muscular activity and nerve impulses, temperature regulation, detoxification reactions, and the formation of healthy bones and teeth. It is also involved in the synthesis of DNA and RNA and in energy production. A deficiency in magnesium is often manifested by one’s body experiencing sugar cravings.(6)(7)

  1. They contain Folic Acid

Yet again, Vitamin Shoppe is supplying you with a synthetic form of B9 called Folic Acid, which not only is poorly absorbed by many, but also may actually be harmful to those same individuals.

Nutreince contains 400 mcg of the most biologically active form of folate, L-5-MTHF (Quatrefolic), a breakthrough in folate supplementation. L-5-MTHF does not require conversion like folic acid. Research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology shows that more than 34% of the U.S. population may have a genetic enzyme defect known as MTHFR mutation that makes it difficult for them to convert folic acid into biologically active L-5-MTHF, and new estimates suggest that up to 60% of the population may be affected. For these individuals and many others, L-5-MTHF may be a more effective method of folate supplementation.(8) 

  1. The Vitamin Shoppe Vitamin & Minreal Powder contains Iron & copper (This is really two formulation faults.)

Taking a multivitamin with copper is generally not recommended because too much copper in the body can hinder your body’s ability to destroy the proteins that form the plaques found in the brain of Alzheimer’s patients. Many Alzheimer’s patients have been found to have elevated levels of copper, and in studies, it was determined that many of those affected took multivitamins with copper. Additionally, pregnant woman should avoid copper in multivitamins because copper levels can nearly double during pregnancy making toxicity a concern. Cramps, abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and liver damage are all common when taking supplements that include copper.

Iron is a vital mineral your body needs to function normally. However, the National Institutes of Health’s Office of Dietary Supplements, has indicated that too much iron can cause serious health complications. Because of this, you may want to take an iron-free multivitamin to avoid iron overload, a medical condition that causes excess iron to be stored in vital organs such as the liver and heart. Too much iron may be toxic—and even fatal. In general, iron supplementation is not recommended for adult males and postmenopausal women. If you are a pre-menopausal woman, an athlete that works out for more than 6 hours a week, or a strict vegan/vegetarian you may want to consider iron supplementation. However, you should know that iron competes with ten (10) other micronutrients – making multivitamins formulated with iron highly susceptible to poor absorption rates. If you choose to use an iron supplement, you should take it at a separate time from your daily multivitamin.

Additionally, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) published a statement calling for the FDA to require multivitamin manufacturers to reformulate many of the most trusted multivitamins on the market without copper or iron. Neal Barnard, M.D., president of the Physicians Committee, stated in his letter to FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, M.D. “Given that nearly half of Americans develop Alzheimer’s disease by age 85, we need to urge consumers to err on the side of caution…Research on the links between metals and brain damage is ongoing. Even so, the evidence that excess iron and copper contribute to brain deterioration has reached the point where we have to take it seriously.”

  1. They only contain vitamin K1.

Here we have another Vitamin Shoppe failure. Their Vitamin & Mineral Powder only include vitamin K1, but they omit the all-important K2. Vitamin K is all too often omitted from multivitamin formulations, but it is essential for bone strength and heart health. It is important for a supplement to include both K1 and K2 and even more superior and rare if it also includes both forms of vitamin K2, MK-4 and MK-7…like nutreince does!

Vitamin K1 plays a role in blood clotting, while K2 is a more important inducer of bone mineralization in human osteoblasts (bone-building cells). Vitamin K2 has been proven in studies to be as effective as prescription drugs in reducing the incidence of bone fractures.(9) Additionally, because K2 directs calcium out of the arteries and into the bones, where it is needed, K2 is essential for the prevention of coronary heart disease. (10)

PLUS a packaging problem with Vitamin Shoppe’s Vitamin & Mineral Powder.

  1. ONE BIG CANISTER EQUALS MANY BIG PROBLEMS FOR YOUR HEALTH Powdered multivitamins in a tub or canister like those from Vitamin Shoppe have their own unique problems. Not only can they become oxidized every time the canister is opened and is exposed to air and light, but this delivery system makes it virtually impossible to guarantee which micronutrients will be distributed in each daily serving. You see, some vitamins are light and fluffy, while some minerals are dense and heavy. Over time, the heavier micronutrients will naturally sink to the bottom of the canister, so you just don’t know which ones you are scooping into your daily multivitamin drink. This can be problematic, as the last few scoops full of heavy minerals waiting for you at the bottom of your canister can cause stomach upset, and an imbalance in micronutrients.

Our multivitamin – nutreince – has you covered!

So how do we get the benefits of a powdered multivitamin while protecting the micronutrients from these destructive elements? The best answer may be a single-serving, powdered multivitamin like nutreince. Then, when you rip open the foil packet (that protects the micronutrients from both light and air) and pour the micronutrients into water, you will have a highly absorbable liquid multivitamin with limited exposure to destructive elements. We can also guarantee that each serving has exactly what you need to keep you vibrant and healthy.

In all, we have found more than 20 problems with the Vitamin Shoppe powder, and we just started looking.

Our Apology & Your Savings

So, we really want to apologize to any one out there who read the article and saw the photo of the inferior, poorly formulated Vitamin Shoppe’s Vitamin & Mineral Powder and purchased it because you thought it was our choice for the best multivitamin on the market. We have NEVER and would NEVER recommend this product. Obviously, the ONLY multivitamin that we recommend is nutreince. But, if you did purchase the Vitamin Shoppe Vitamin & Mineral Powder by mistake we want to apologize to you for the misunderstanding and offer you a discount to try our multivitamin nutreince.

If you have not yet purchased nutreince, this is a great time to do so. Simply enter the coupon code MIRACLEVITAMIN at checkout and you will get $10 off your first purchase of nutreince. That makes it just $39.95 for 56 servings. Then you can really experience the amazing power of micronutrient sufficiency!

How Woman's World Got It Wrong




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