Here is your score. To find out what it means, and what nutrients you have a deficiency in, check your email. We've sent a complete explanation.
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From your results it is likely that you may be deficient in magnesium or calcium. We highly suggest you consider taking a high quality supplement that will deliver both of these essential minerals. Not only will your sugar cravings be eliminated, but you will also sleep better, build strong bones, and these essential minerals will protect you from high blood pressure and heart disease. Even if you take a multivitamin chances are that the amounts of these two minerals is far under daily requirements.

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Because you told us that you hit the gym often (as we both do) we want to make sure that we give you this great tip right away. A good protein powder can help you get more out of each workout. But, did you know that most protein powders are loaded with unwanted ingredients that can do more harm then good? We had to create our own single ingredient organic grass-fed, non-gmo project verified whey protein as well as a full-spectrum organic sprouted plant protein because we couldn’t find one on the market that checked all the boxes. Maybe it is time to upgrade your protein?

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We noticed that you answered that you have a high stress level and we don’t want you to suffer even one minute longer than you have to. Did you know that omega-3 supplementation has been proven to inhibit the body from responding to mental stress? It is true! Researchers found that omega-3 “significantly blunts” one’s ability to respond even when burdened with high stress situations. We formulated (and patented) our Origin Omega to deliver greater amounts of the stress fighting EPA and DHA than other products.

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While your results show that you don’t have food cravings or stress (Good for you!) and you aren’t losing micronutrients through exercise you may still benefit from taking a high quality multivitamin formulated specifically to deliver the vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive! Too often multivitamins are poorly formulated and that can mean that you may not be getting the full benefits. Most supplements don’t use Anti-Competition Technology—a solution that separates the vitamins and minerals that compete for absorption in the digestive tract to allow for enhanced absorption.

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