Here at Calton Nutrition we are always listening to you…our extraordinary customers. Our goal is not only to supply you with the highest quality supplements to help you achieve micronutrient sufficiency, but also to hear your constructive criticisms and to address those issues whenever possible. We know that smart supplementation is super important to you, but we also heard you when you told us to make sure we are doing EVERYTHING we can to keep our prices as affordable as possible. To accomplish this we have implemented three savings pathways and today we are announcing a fourth way to save money when purchasing Calton Nutrition supplements!

First, we offer step down pricing which allows you to save money when you buy in bulk.

Second, we offer free shipping for orders $299 or more. Allowing you to stock up and get even deeper discounts.

Third, we offer you a 5% discount when you put your orders on a recurring order. This not only guarantees you don’t run out, but it also saves you even a bit more cash on every recurring purchase.


And now, as a fourth way to save, we are super excited to tell you that you don’t have to pay shipping ever again…. Yes, it’s true! Luckily, due to our new partnership with OsteoStrong, you can pick up Calton Nutrition products at any of their osteogenic loading centers.

Step one is to go to our Calton Nutrition Store and search in your area. You can click here to check out our new interactive map.

Step two, if you find a location near you, make sure to call them and to confirm that they have your desired products in stock. We don’t want you to drive over there just to find out they are low (or even out) of your favorite Calton Nutrition products.

Step two, if you don’t find a location near you that currently sells Calton Nutrition products, is to click on “find an OsteoStrong” link HERE or on our interactive page, enter your zip code and find an OsteoStrong center near you. Then call the center and ask them to please stock Calton Nutrition products.


This is a brand new relationship between Calton Nutrition and OsteoStrong, so not all of the locations have fully stocked Calton Nutrition products just yet—but they will! Calton Nutrition products are the only nutritional supplements endorsed by and sold at OsteoStrong so this is a really big deal! It may take a bit of time to get all of the locations across the country stocked (there are going to be over 500 locations by the end of next year), but we are working to make this happen to save you shipping fees.

We are really proud of this new relationship with OsteoStrong. We nourish your body so that you can get maximum benefits, while they stimulate your bone growth through osteogenic loading.

The CEO of OsteoStrong Kyle Zagrodzsky put it like this:

“Recently, I learned probably the most important aspect of supplementation I had never heard of before: micro-nutrient competition. It was then that I realized many, including me, were approaching supplementation incorrectly. I concluded that understanding micronutrient competition is the most important thing to know about supplements. Without addressing this first, supplementation doesn’t have the health benefits people are seeking. We researched countless nutritional supplements before choosing the Calton Nutrition brand of products to be our choice as the only nutritional supplement line endorsed and sold at OsteoStrong…I get excited when I think of the extraordinary health benefits OsteoStrong clients can achieve when they combine the bone density stimulating effects of an OsteoStrong session with the bone nourishing effects of the Calton Nutrition micronutrient supplement program.”

Find an OsteoStrong location near you and stop paying for shipping on Calton Nutrition products today!

Wishing you and your families a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

Mira & Jayson