Traditional Triple Threat Shake

Those of smaller stature, whose goal weight is under 150 pounds, should use the small– medium recipe, while those whose goal weights are higher, above 150, may opt for the medium–large recipe, which will supply a greater amount of protein per shake.

1. Place the water in a blender with the ice and blend until smooth.

2. On low, add the nutreince while blending. Add the SKINNYFat while continuing to blend. Finally, add the IN.POWER while blending.

3. Increase the speed from low to medium for 20 to 30 seconds simply to fluff the delicious shake.

Optional: Swap the water for prechilled coffee. If you only have hot coffee, use 1⁄2 cup hot coffee and 1 cup ice in lieu of the 8 ounces of water. It is delicious with the vanilla AM.