Click here to subscribeWe have another new family member here at Calton Nutrition! No, it’s not a baby.

It’s the newest addition to our Calton Nutrition supplement line – Introducing Origin Omega, a completely new kind of omega-3 supplement!

We have a rule here at Calton Nutrition— we don’t create a new product unless we can improve on what is currently on the market. Meaning that we didn’t create nutreince simply to come out with another multivitamin, instead we created nutreince as a complete reinvention of the multivitamin that eliminated the 3 major problems we identified in inferior supplements. No other multivitamin in the world is formulated the same way nutreince is and that makes it unique. The same goes for SKINNYFat, IN.POWER and now Origin Omega, the first and only omega-3 fish oil supplement to be formulated using our patented Anti-Competition Technology.

You may have noticed that we have been writing a lot lately about the health benefits associated with having an omega-3 to omega-6 ratio of approximately 1:1. We have also been talking a lot about how important it is to take an omega-3 supplement that delivers beneficial quantities of EPA and DHA. Unfortunately, when we took a good hard look at the omega-3 supplement market, we saw three big problems with almost all of the fish oil products that our clients were purchasing.

The three problems with most fish oil on the market:

  1. Inferior form. The form of the fish oil was an inferior Ethyl Ester (EE) rather than a natural Triglyceride (TG), which has been shown to reduce absorption potential and increase the rate of oxidation.
  2. Inadequate levels. The fish oil wasn’t delivering anywhere near the beneficial levels of EPA and DHA needed for optimal health.
  3. Inherent competitions. Even when the fish oil did deliver beneficial quantities of EPA and DHA, the EPA and DHA were combined in the same dose, reducing the absorption potential due to inherent micronutrient competitions.

Ok, now we know that this IS NOT a biochemistry class, but stick with us here and we will address these three problems in a simple and easy to understand way…and most importantly we will make it very clear as to why Origin Omega is far and away the most innovative and advanced omega-3 supplement on the market right now!


First you should know that many products on the market today are using the less expensive Ethyl Ester form over the superior Triglyceride form that we chose for Origin Omega. Put plainly, while ethyl esters are seemingly safe for human consumption, scientific research consistently confirms three facts:

  1. Ethyl Esters are not efficient. The metabolism of an ethyl ester is less efficient than triglycerides. In, fact, it takes the digestive enzyme lipase as much as 50 times longer to break the ethyl ester bond compared to the triglyceride bond, and longer in individuals with digestive disorders. (1-5)
  2. Ethyl Esters are poorly absorbed. The triglyceride form of omega-3 is at least 70% better absorbed in the gut than the ethyl ester form. (6)
  3. Ethyl Esters are less stable. The triglyceride form of omega-3 is far more stable than an ethyl ester. That stability protects against oxidation and makes it safer for a longer period of time. (7)

Research study after research study concludes that EPA and DHA from triglycerides are absorbed at dramatically higher percentages over ethyl esters. One study showed the EPA and DHA from triglycerides being 340% and 271% better absorbed, respectively, compared to those consumed as ethyl esters. The authors of the study even stated that ethyl esters “are poorly absorbed in man” due to decreased pancreatic lipase activity. (1)

Omega-3 Purchasing Tip #1: As a consumer it is important to know this information so that you can do you research and find a high quality fish oil supplement, like Origin Omega that is delivered in a superior, highly stable, highly absorbable triglyceride form.


Next, let’s explore the second issue, the fact that most omega-3 supplements either have no EPA and DHA or such small quantities that the consumer would never be able to reach the dosage shown in published research to be beneficial. The truth is, while plant derived omega-3 (like flax or chia) has some benefits, they do not contain EPA or DHA. Instead they only contain something called alpha-linoleic acid (ALA), which the body has to convert into EPA and DHA. The problem with plant based omega-3 supplements is that this conversion rate from ALA to EPA and eventually to DHA only happens at a rate of between 5-10% for EPA and 2-5% for DHA. (8) Even at the highest conversion rates that means that a 1000 mg plant derived omega-3 capsule would only produce 100 mg (10%) of EPA and 50 mg (5%) of DHA. (As you will see this is nowhere near what is considered to be beneficial by the medical and nutritional communities)

However, just because your omega-3 supplement is from fish, krill or algae (3 sources that do contain EPA and DHA) that doesn’t mean that it contains beneficial quantities of EPA and DHA. Many omega-3 supplements advertise high levels of omega-3 (ALA), but upon closer examination only supply minimal levels of EPA and DHA. Omega-3 research shows that if you want to give yourself the best chance at achieving meaningful health benefits, your omega-3 supplement must contain high enough quantities of the two active components, EPA and DHA.

Origin Omega has the highest EPA and DHA potencies of any fish oil supplement on the market (per capsule) offering 300 – 400% more EPA (710 mg in the AM dose) and 400 – 600% more DHA (710 mg in the PM dose) than most of the competition.

Omega-3 Purchasing Tip #2: Read the labels carefully to insure that you are getting super potent levels of both EPA and DHA—if the levels are low or are not listed move on. Higher concentrations both save you money and require you to take fewer capsules.


Lastly, let’s discuss perhaps the most important issue of all; the fact that even if an omega-3 supplement were to deliver beneficial quantities of a triglyceride form of omega-3 (containing both EPA and DHA), the EPA and DHA are combined in the same dose, reducing the absorption potential due to inherent micronutrient competitions. Amazingly, the competition between EPA and DHA is widely known throughout the scientific communities, but is virtually unknown by the consumer.

Each micronutrient, whether essential or nonessential, vitamin, mineral, or essential fatty acid (like omega-3) differs in form, function and in the amount needed by the body to produce or maintain our individual health. They are absorbed by the body by attaching to receptor sites, or absorption pathways, which act like docking locations for specific micronutrients. However, due to something called micronutrient competition the process of absorption can be more like an epic battle scene than a harmonious event. Unfortunately, most supplements companies simply overlook this battle (competition) for absorption when formulating their nutritional supplements.

However, as you can imagine, micronutrient competition is not something that should be ignored or overlooked when formulating a high quality omega-3 supplement since the two key components of omega-3, EPA and DHA compete with one another for absorption. This is because DHA has a relatively similar structure to EPA and they compete for binding to the active sites for absorption. Thus the EPA and DHA will compete for occupation of these active sites and reduce their activity. The purer the preparation of the EPA and DHA, or the more that these competitions are eliminated, the more likely is it be properly absorbed and utilized by the body. Scientists agree and state that separating EPA and DHA will allow them to do their job. (9)

That is why we formulated Origin Omega, utilizing our patented Anti-Competition Technology. By splitting Origin Omega into two daily servings delivering 710 mg of EPA in the AM dose (with only 50 mg of DHA) and 710 mg of DHA in the PM dose (with only 50 mg of EPA), we have all but eliminated the competition between EPA and DHA. Origin Omega is the ONLY omega-3 supplement formulated with Anti-Competition Technology, allowing you to rest assured that your body is getting the purest omega-3 fish oil in the superior triglyceride form, with the highest potency EPA and DHA, delivered at two separate times during the day to guarantee optimal absorption rates and extraordinary results.

Omega-3 Purchasing Tip #3: Read the labels carefully to find a fish oil product that separates the competing EPA from the DHA in order to increase absorption rates of these two key components.


As with all of our innovative products, we first investigate the shortcomings of other products on the market, and then create a new, superior product that solves all of those discovered issues.

Origin Omega:

  1. Has a superior form. Origin Omega is delivered in superior natural Triglyceride (TG) form, which has been shown to increase absorption potential and reduce the rate of oxidation.
  2. Has the highest of levels of EPA & DHA. Origin Omega delivers the highest EPA and DHA potencies of any fish oil supplement on the market (per capsule).
  3. Eliminates absorption reducing competitions. By splitting Origin Omega into two daily servings delivering 710 mg of EPA in the AM dose (with only 50 mg of DHA) and 710 mg of DHA in the PM dose (with only 50 mg of EPA), we have all but eliminated the competition between EPA and DHA utilizing out patented Anti-Competition Technology.

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