Here are this week's top nutrition in the news headlines, to help keep you informed!

Did you know how much sugar was in a glass of Coca-Cola?

Check out the video below as BBC journalist Jeremy Paxman confronts James Quincey, President of Coca-Cola Europe with the amount of sugar in a glass of Coca-Cola classic. Do you think that Mr. Quincey successfully danced around the problem? How would you have responded? Let us know what you think, we love hearing from you. Read more here.

Can playing video games help reduce the symptoms of ADHD in child?

According to a new study conducted in China playing video games that require attention control, working memory, and impulse control improved the subjects overall behavior, assignment completion, and improved relationship with teachers and peers. So how did playing video games help the children? Scientists believe that as the children learned to focus their attention they became more involved in the classroom and with the subjects being taught leading to improved quality of class assignments bolstering their self-confidence. With their improved classroom behavior they earned more praise from the teachers resulting in greater peer acceptance. Who said that playing video games was a waste of time? Read more here.

Have you ever seen the slogan ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’?

Turns out following that advice may help to prevent obesity, heart disease, or even cancer. How can that be you ask? Our emotional reactions to daily stresses may cause our body to produce higher levels of inflammation, a good thing short term when we have a cold or the flu. However high levels of inflammation long term could as this study suggests play a role in obesity, heart disease, or even cancer. In this recent study, 872 participants were interviewed daily for eight consecutive days to rate their positive or negative reactions to daily stressors such as a minor conflict at work, school, or at home, they were then given a blood test, which was analyzed for inflammatory factors. Interestingly those that reacted in a negative manner to daily stressors were found to have higher levels of inflammation than those that reacted in a positive manner to similar daily stressors. Women that reacted in an amplified negative manner to minor daily stressors were found to be at particular risk of elevated inflammation. So try to have a positive attitude the next time some small stress comes your way and ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ it just may save your life. Read more here.

Why are we all being fed by a poison expert?

That’s the big question Dan Graetz asks in this short satirical video regarding Monsanto’s control over our food. How did Monsanto go from producing Agent Orange and DDT to controlling 80 percent of US corn and 93 percent of US soy? Find out for yourself, take a minute and check out the video. It will either make you laugh or it will make you mad. Let us know what you think! Read more here.

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