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We are super excited to tell you about all the changes coming soon to nutreince. While we have always loved our multivitamin, nutreince, we have been listening to your feedback for 6 years now, and this past year we have been hard at work making the changes that you have been asking for. This new nutreince has been upgraded in 4 distinct ways.

  • First, we know that if your daily multivitamin beverage doesn’t taste great—you simply don’t want to drink it. So, we have greatly improved all the flavors to ones that we know you will enjoy.
  • If you have been with us for a while then you know that we live, eat, breath and sleep micronutrients! With each new study that is published, we learn more about micronutrient competitions, synergies, and how to improve bioavailability and absorption. We have used this information to create new and improved formulations that will offer you increased absorption and utilization of your essential micronutrients.
  • While we love taking nutreince as a beverage, we heard you loud and clear. You want the option to take your nutreince as capsules. So, we have a new and exciting delivery form (capsules) in the nutreince family.
  • Finally, we wanted to make sure you could see the love we have for nutreince. So, we have been working with an amazing graphic artist and have updated the packaging. This will also ensure that our shipping team can easily identify the correct flavors and that the boxes are large enough to fill with the correct number of packets – each and every time!

We are so excited to finally share these upgrades with you. Let’s learn a little more about each one of these four incredible improvements that will be made:

1) New Improved Flavors

It was always our dream to make nutreince the most advanced multivitamin on the market. When we first began formulating nutreince 6 years ago, the chemists told us that, due to all of the high quality micronutrients we wanted to include, the flavor would be unbearable (think chewing on a vitamin tablet). And, the first dozen or so trials, proved them correct. When we stirred the powder into the water it turned a horrible muddy color, and it tasted like bitter minerals. However, after many attempts we finally found a tasty formulation that resulted in a beautiful orange color (from natural quercetin). Ok, so they were not delicious… at least not all the flavors were delicious to every person. But, we didn’t give up. We have been working very hard over the last few years to create these new flavors that we love… and hope you will love as well.

By eliminating the organic, non-gmo citric acid from the nutreince base formulas we were finally able to create natural flavors that are less acidic and more rounded and natural tasting. We have also unified the product by making all of the nutreince powdered flavors dissolve in just 8 oz. of water. And don’t worry, they are still sugar free and low-carb/Keto friendly! Here is a list of the yummy new flavors you will be able to enjoy.

  • Box 1: AM packet of Sunny Citrus, PM packet of Tropical Punch

This box is a shoe-in with both adults and children! The Sunny Citrus is a truer orange juice flavor (think Sunny-D) , while the Tropical Punch brings back childhood memories of Hawaiian Punch.

  • Box 2: AM packet of Vanilla Chai, PM packet of Chocolate Lava

Dessert anyone? Now that the citric acid is removed we were able to create rich and creamy flavors. The Vanilla Chai is a delicious, smooth vanilla with hints of cinnamon, while the Chocolate Lava is…. well, almost sinful! These two are incredible in Triple Threat recipes added to protein powder or simply as a well-deserved treat that nourishes both your body and your desire for chocolate!

  • Box 3: AM packet of Fresh Lime, PM packet of Very Berry

Are you into fresh, clean flavors? Then this box might be for you! The Fresh Lime is as crisp as freshly squeezed lime, while the Very Berry tastes like the berries were just picked from the garden.

  • Box 4: AM & PM Unflavored, Unsweetened

Don’t worry. For you purists out there we have not gotten rid of our super popular unflavored, unsweetened option. Using only the highest quality ingredients you see on the supplement facts, it is as simple as it is pure. You will benefit from all the incredible formulation changes we have made, while knowing that absolutely nothing (including flavors and sweeteners) has been added.

2) New Improved Formulations

We are known within our community as the micronutrient couple. This is because we thrive on micronutrient research, (as unsexy as it may be), and truly believe that becoming sufficient in your mighty micronutrients is the foundation of your health. Over the years we have seen an explosion micronutrient research and we wanted to make sure that our formulations reflected that research so that we can keep our promise to you and continue to make nutreince the most advanced, bioavailable multivitamin on the market. And it is our belief that this new formula is just that. This year we have upgraded several forms of the micronutrients we use in nutreince so that you can get the full benefits of each and every one! Here are just 5 of the changes that really get us excited:

  • Vitamin K2 (MK-7) – now as K2VITAL®DELTA

You likely already know how much we love vitamin K2. After all, it keeps the calcium out or your arteries (saving you from arterial plaque and heart disease) and moves it into your bones (where it helps fight osteoporosis!). Well, this year we learned something INCREDIBLE and SHOCKING about vitamin K2. When K2 is placed in a formulation with calcium and/or magnesium a chemical competition occurs (1). This means that if they are placed in the same formulation the K2 is greatly degraded, and in about 40% of the products tested it disappears completely! This means millions of people out there are taking a multivitamin and thinking they are getting the protective benefits of vitamin K2, but the calcium and/or magnesium in the formulation itself is degrading the K2 and in reality they are not receiving its benefits!

In our new nutreince formulas, we safeguard the bone-building, artery-clearing, vitamin K2 by using a patented product called K2VITAL® DELTA. This specialized form of K2 offers the assurance of stability, with over two years of long‑term stability testing, demonstrating minimal loss of K2 even at accelerated temperatures. It costs a lot more money for us to use this advanced form, but we are on a mission to help millions rebuild their bones this next year (more on this later), so only the best will do!

As an added bonus, nutreince now contains 120 mcg (the old formula only contained 80 mcg) of vitamin K from 3 unique forms: vitamin K1, vitamin K2 (as MK-4) and more vitamin K2 (as MK-7 from 2VITAL® DELTA)! Let’s all work to BEAT OSTEOPOROSIS and prevent heart disease TOGETHER!

  • Vitamin C, now as fat soluble Ascorbyl Palmitate

Our ascorbyl palmitate (AP) is an ester formed from non-GMO ascorbic acid and palmitic acid, creating a fat-soluble form of vitamin C that can reach tissue areas ascorbic acid cannot. (2) This fat-soluble form has been shown to be beneficial for protecting the lipids from peroxidation. (2-8) The lipophilic AP is able to cross biological barriers and satisfies the tissue demand for vitamin C better than the hydrophilic form. “Ascorbyl palmitate should be considered as the preferred form of transport of ascorbate [vitamin C] into neural tissues.” (9,10)

  • Nutreince now contains the most bioavailable forms for all the B Vitamins.

We already used the methylated forms of folate (B9) and B12, but now we are taking it one step further by upgrading our vitamin B1 (Thiamine) to Thiamine Pyrophosphate (the active form of thiamine) and vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) to Pantethine (the naturally occurring physiological compound synthesized in the body from pantothenic acid). We have really B-oosted the power of your B’s in new nutreince.

  • We elevated both your calcium and magnesium as well.

In our old formulas we used calcium and magnesium carbonate and non-GMO citric acid from cassava to cause an ionic conversion to calcium and magnesium citrate, a highly absorbable form of both calcium and magnesium. However, the amount of citric acid we had to put into our base formulas dictated that all our flavors (including the unflavored/unsweetened) were overly acidic. Our new formulas use preformed magnesium citrate for both the powders and the capsules and preformed calcium citrate in the capsules and a exciting new form of calcium in our powders called calcium potassium phosphate citrate, which we feel are highly absorbable and easily utilized by the body. These new forms of calcium and magnesium also allow us to greatly reduce the acidic taste and have a lot more control over the flavors. This allowed us to greatly improve all the flavors, especially the vanilla chai and chocolate lava, which are two of our favorite flavors now!

  • Nutreince powdered formulas now contain Potassium

Due to the change in the form of calcium in the powdered formulas, we are super excited to report that our nutreince powdered formulas now deliver 448 mg of potassium in every AM packet! For most people it is super hard to reach the RDI for potassium and due to this recent reformulation you can now benefit from the bone-building, blood-pressure lowering, and muscle sparing benefits of potassium!

3) A New way to take nutreince – nutreince now comes in immediate release, AM and PM vegetarian capsules!

You asked us for the superior absorption, beneficial quantities and forms, and anti-competition technology you have come to depend on with nutreince in an easy to take capsules – and they are finally on their way to our warehouse. It took a long time for us to find a capsule that met our strict disintegration standards…but we did it. Your new AM and PM capsules (also in 28-day kits) will be delivered in quick dissolving, easy to swallow, vegetarian capsules. We reviewed the lab tests on disintegration, and then did them ourselves to double and even triple check the results. We can now offer the capsules you have been asking for with complete confidence that they will deliver the essential micronutrients you need to achieve extraordinary healthy. We think they will be awesome when on the road, in a hurry, or if you just don’t like the delicious new flavors (impossible!)

Note: The capsules have one distinct difference in their formulation from the powders. For calcium they offer pure calcium citrate, therefore there is no potassium in the capsule version of nutreince.

4) New Improved Packaging!

After years with the same look and feel it was time for a change. New flavors, formulations, and forms led to exciting new packaging! In the past the smaller boxes and packets led to accidental miscounting by our fabulous manufacturing team. We sincerely hope that this problem is a thing of the past. The larger packets fit perfectly into their new beautiful boxes. Also, the flavors are more pronounced and therefore more easily identified on the new boxes so our shipping team can easily pick the correct flavors and make sure you get exactly what you ordered.

Try a Sample Pack Today!

Since nutreince has undergone a complete upgrade from top to bottom, this might be a great time to try a sample pack. Our sample packs include 5 AM AND 5 PM varieties of nutreince including: 1 AM Sunny Citrus, 1 PM Tropical Punch, 1 AM Fresh Lime, 1 PM Very Berry, 1 AM Vanilla Chai, 1 PM Chocolate Lava, 4 AM capsules, and 4 PM capsules. This will allow you to try them all and find your favorites. The best part is, the sample pack is only $10 shipped anywhere in the contiguous US, and you get a $10 credit to use on your next purchase of any variety of nutreince.

Finally, we want to say thank you to all of you who have supported us over the years. We know just how important it is to have a supplement company that makes products you can trust and that will truly support your health. We promise to continue to listen to you, and use your ideas to make products of the highest quality and integrity – We hope you love the new nutreince flavors and formulas as much as we do. Thank you again! 


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