Welcome to RICH FOOD, POOR FOOD – Your personal GPS or Grocery Purchasing System. This indispensable grocery store guide takes you aisle by aisle, from the produce section to the pasta aisle, visiting every department in between, teaching you how to identify potentially problematic ingredients including hormones, pesticides and GMOs, as well as sharing tips on how to lock in a food's nutritional value during preservation and preparation. Regardless of age, dietary preference or current health, RICH FOOD, POOR FOOD turns the grocery store and farmers market into a micronutrient pharmacy with a natural prescription for better health and longevity.


Your free gift includes all of Part I: Know Before You Go


Chapter 1: Your Rich Food Road Trip: You'll discover How the Rich Food, Poor Food GPS is different and how to decipher the modern food package. This is the first step in choosing the right foods in every aisle.

Chapter 2: Problematic Personalities: You'll be introduced to a pack of problematic personalities to avoid on your grocery store expedition. You will learn about Everyday Micronutrient Depleters (EMDs) robbing you of your essential vitamins and minerals. You will also get our guide on how to say no to GMOs.

Chapter 3: Villainous Variables: We meet three additional groups of Poor Food perpetrators we call the Banned Bad Boys, Label Losers, and Misleading Misfits. Here again, we’ve already programmed your GPS to avoid them, so there is no need to memorize the numerous ingredients that you are about to uncover. By chapter’s end, you will have discovered more than you ever thought possible about your food and will be ready to put that knowledge into practice.

Rich Food Poor Food - The Ultimate Grocery Purchasing System
Nutreince - Our Modern, Diminished Food Supply Requires Advanced Supplementation