Are you ready to see how your multivitamin stacked up when considering all aspects of the ABCs of Optimal Supplementation Guidelines?

Your current multivitamin received a total score of

The lowest score for this multivitamin analysis is a negative 100 points. If your score falls close to this number or anywhere on the negative side of the graph then your multivitamin may not be delivering the benefits you thought it was. Your supplement is likely wasting your hard earned money and not delivering the health benefits you desire. You might want to try a product that scores a little higher using our ABCs of Optimal Supplementation Guidelines.

If you have a positive score then your multivitamin is doing a few things right. But, is that what you really want? Are you looking for a few health-promoting benefits? Maybe feeling at your best a few days each month? We doubt it. You want to reach extraordinary health – optimal health – and for that you need a multivitamin that supplies the optimal benefits and reaches the optimal score of 100.

The highest total score possible would be a positive 100.

This would mean that your multivitamin is formulated to take into account all the benefits of the ABCs of Optimal Supplementation.

Just in case you were wondering, nutreince™ scores a 100.

This isn’t to say that it is the perfect multivitamin for every person out there and that some people wouldn’t need a little more of one micronutrient or another for personal bio-individual reasons. However, nutreince 100% avoids the 4 flaws we found in typical multivitamins, and follows the ABCs of Optimal Supplementation Guidelines 100% of the time. Additionally, when we find a new study that shows any improvements can be made to nutreince – we jump on it. Our score of 100 means to you that we 100% stand by each and every individual vitamin and mineral we put in and every claim that we make.

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Now, let’s examine each individual flaw, or the A, B , C and S of the matter now. We will review each question so that you can see both the strengths and the weakness of your current multivitamin.

For each question we will first examine your multivitamin, then we will see how nutreince™ - The Multivitamin Reinvented, stacks up in comparison.

Remember, A stands for Absorbency

Let’s examine multivitamin absorbency.


Remember, B stands for Beneficial quantities.

Let’s examine the specifics of beneficial quantities now.


Remember, C stands for Micronutrient Competition and S stands for Micronutrient Synergy.

Does your multivitamin have micronutrient competitions and synergies? Your multivitamin got a out of a possible 26 in this category. Let’s examine why.


So there you have it. Hope we have made it as simple as A B C to identify if your supplement is supplying you with all that you need.

Remember, if your multivitamin didn’t have an optimal score then chances are that it isn’t going to supply you with optimal health.

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