Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

We miss you all and hope you are staying well. So many of you have called or written us, asking how we are doing and requesting a video from us so we decided to do a video blog today. In today’s Vlog we are going to talk about our most recent podcast with Melanie Avalon and tell you about some of the amazing success stories we have been receiving from people who have been following the Rebuild Your Bones program and are actually seen improvement in the BMD!

Nothing makes us happier than hearing these success stories. And, of course, we are going to give you an update on how we are and what we have been doing – Play the video!


From Karen:

Dear Mira and Jayson, I just received good news; quick summary: 1978 spinal cord injury, quadriplegia, bone densities over the last 20 years show massive loss, I wish I could remember when I started Nutreince, its less than a year, do you have order records? (We checked and it was October of 2019) Anyway bone density in 2013 showing everything bad, then Aug 2020 BD and hurrah, ‘significant increase' in lumbar region, and femur! and tibia no loss which is success in itself.”

And here is one we want to share because everyone always says you can’t improve once you are over 50.

“I have been taking Nutreince supplements for about 3 months now! I wanted to share the good news that I received today from my Doctor regarding my recent Dexa bone scan! Yes, my bone density has improved! I have been exercising and doing weight bearing exercises over the past two years since my last scan and now with adding Nutreince, WOW! I was very happy with the results! I just turned 70 years old and feel great! Thank you Nutreince!!!”

Here is a post from our Rebuild Your Bones FB page from a husband, named Chuck, who has been supporting his wife on her journey to improved bone health.

“I know many of you are always asking for positive results. My wife Mary was diagnosed with osteoporosis (scores higher than -2.5 in her spine, neck, and wrists) at age 63 in April of 2019, and was prescribed bisphosphonates by her doctor. We researched this drug and the negative side effects and decided to go a different direction. We are both relatively healthy and exercise and take vitamins – no other prescriptions. I found the Rebuild your Bones solution during my research and we decided to start the program in May, 2019. Last month at Mary's checkup, we learned that insurance wouldn't cover another dexa scan until 2021, but we could pay for one if we wanted an update. So we did. Today, the doctor called to say that she was pleased to report that Mary has “no osteoporosis” although some scores show osteopenia (like they did in 2018). They are recommending some vitamin D and calcium supplements and no more bisphosphonates. They are sending us the results in the mail so we can compare the scores. We are thrilled that there is improvement after 1 and 1/2 years on the Calton Nutrition plan and we attribute this improvement to our Nutrience and other supplements. We will stay on our Calton plan with our Calcium and Omegas and keep on moving! I'll pass along more details when we get the scores – but good news in 2020 is really welcomed!


Make sure to listen to this fantastic, informative podcast.  We love Melanie Avalon and she had awesome questions all set up for us.  We hope you all enjoy and learn something new while listening.  It is filled with gems that can help build bones and also help those without osteoporosis understand important supplementation facts that can improve their sufficiency levels as well

In this podcast you will learn:

  • What bone is made of, and how flexible bones are key.
  • Are you doomed to lose bone as you age?
  • Why you should go to get a DEXA—even in your 30s!
  • Is osteoporosis simply genetic?
  • That 24% of women and men aged 50 and over who fracture a hip die within 12 months of the injury
  • The dangers of prescription osteoporosis meds.. make an educated decision.
  • Which perfect diet to supply all of your micronutrients?
  • Which food combines every vitamin and mineral together in it jut like a multivitamin does?
  • How to take calcium? Is it safe? And why your bone supplement is not delivering the calcium it promises.
  • There is only 1 form of patented K2 that you want in your formulation.
  • Your nutrients are fighting each other and this competition is killing your sufficiency.
  • MCT fails to deliver (learn more!)
  • There is a MAGIC NUMBER for protein intake and you have to know it.
  • The alkalinity myth
  • Spectracell testing… the gold standard in testing – and free consults.
  • Wine’s bone benefits.
  • Your bones are screaming out for omega-3