Our mission here at Calton Nutrition is to help you to achieve extraordinary health by becoming sufficient in your essential micronutrients (i.e. vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids.) So, some of you may be wondering why we decided to come out with a line of essential oils. Perhaps you’re thinking that we have strayed from our ‘micronutrient sufficiency path’. Well, we assure you that our message has not wavered.  While our core products, such as nutreince, SKINNYFat, IN.POWER, and Origin Omega, either deliver or increase the absorption of essential micronutrients, our in.essence line of 5 organic, essential oils (lemon, orange, lemongrass, basil and lavender) help to ensure that these health-enhancing micronutrients are not put in jeopardy from common household toxins.

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In The Micronutrient Miracle we really focused in on how everyday items in your house could be robing you of essential micronutrients. How? The toxic chemicals found in common household goods, such as moisturizers, air fresheners, dish detergent, cleaning products, laundry cleaners, soaps, candles and dryer sheets all increase your toxic load. What most people don’t know is that essential micronutrients are the body’s primary way to protect and rid itself from these dangerous toxins. That’s right!  The same essential micronutrients that you are counting on to preserve your health and protect you from disease can’t do their job, to their maximum potential, when they have to work overtime to detoxify your body. More toxins mean an increased demand on your micronutrients, which leads to a much greater likelihood of becoming micronutrient deficient – and of you becoming sick! The good news is, you can help your body to maintain optimal micronutrient levels by reducing your contact with these household toxins; and that is just the beginning of what our new line of organic essential oils, can help you do.

We were actually introduced to essential oils and the amazing benefits they can provide almost by accident. A woman wrote to us who was having a hard time flavoring her nutreince natural (our unflavored/unsweetened multivitamin beverage.) Since she was allergic to the stevia-based flavors we usually recommend, someone she knew suggested that she try a lemon essential oil instead.  When she did, she contacted us right away to tell us that she loved it.

We had diffused essential oils in the past, as a natural way to freshen the air in our home, but had never considered using essential oils to flavor nutreince. We needed to try this for ourselves so we purchased an organic, food grade, essential lemon oil right away and went home to try it. We added a couple of drops of the essential lemon oil to our nutreince natural multivitamin beverage and it was literally like drinking fresh lemon-aid!

We were hooked, but when we started looking around for other flavors of essential oils that we could use, we were shocked to find out that most of the essential oil on the market were not organic and were not therapeutic or food grade quality. In short, they weren’t safe. We couldn’t recommend the use of highly concentrated extracts of fruit rinds and plants that may have been exposed to high amounts of toxins such as herbicides and pesticides! So we needed to make sure that the essential oils we recommended would be safe to diffuse in the home, to apply to and be absorbed by the skin, and to cook with and flavor our nutreince multivitamin beverage with on a daily basis. We were also surprised at how expensive many of the essential oils were.

As you probably know, and as we quickly learnt, there are tons of companies selling essential oils out there… most of which operate by having multiple-levels of incentivized salespeople buy their products and then sell them to their friends and family. And it isn’t just a few people doing this, its hundreds of thousands of people. So, we initially felt a little apprehensive about jumping into this incredibly crowded and competitive space. But, as with all of our products, after thoroughly researching the quality and pricing of the essential oils that were currently out on the market we really felt that there was a need for a safer, higher quality, and more affordable product in the marketplace, and that was the birth of our in.essence line of organic, essential oils.





First, in.essence allows you to add delicious, organic flavors to nutreince natural, our unflavored and unsweetened multivitamin beverage, making it easier for you to get optimal levels of the vitamins and minerals you need on a daily basis. Let’s face it, if something doesn’t taste good you're probably not going to drink it everyday.

Secondly, in.essence helps you retain those health-promoting micronutrients by reducing your exposure to everyday toxins and giving you safe, non-toxic swaps for many of your household products.

Essential oils are super powerful, health-promoting tools that can be used in three distinct ways:

  1. Diffuse them. When diffused, essential oils fill the air with beautiful scents that not only replace toxic air fresheners, that can cause hormonal imbalances, but have also been shown to decrease stress levels, increase natural energy, and even generate romance. †
  2. Ingest them. Essential oils make it simple to make health enhancing kitchen swaps.  Ditch that soda habit for good and instead flavor your sparkling water or tea with just a couple drops of in.essence organic, food grade essential oil. Looking to save time? Out of oranges? Perhaps basil isn’t one of your grocery staples?  Don’t worry in.essence will let you add these flavors and many others to your meal without running to the store.  And essential oils not only deliver fantastic flavors, but you’ll also get their undeniable health benefits.†
  3. Apply them. Avoid toxic body care products by making simple DIY swaps using essential oils.  Your homemade lotions and shampoos will smell fantastic and offer you amazing therapeutic benefits. And don’t forget about home goods! It is time to clean house! Use in.essence to create non-toxic cleaning supplies that will produce a clean, bacteria-free environment for you and your family. †


To help you get started improving your life with in.essence essential oils we are offer you a FREE Quick Start Essential Oil Recipe Book.  Some of the recipes you will find inside include:

  •      Non Toxic Bug Repellent
  •      Lemon Oil All Purpose Cleaner
  •      Super Fresh Face Wash
  •      Homemade Luster Building Shampoo
  •      Spinach and Basil Pesto
  •      Fresh Spring Pasta
  •      Orange Whipped Cream
  •      Orange Balsamic Vinaigrette
  •      Citrus Garlic Fish
  •      Thai Shrimp Noodle Soup
  •      Luscious Lavender Chocolate Bars
  •      Lemony Triple Threat Shake

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†These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.