This week we are going IN-Depth with Esther Blum! Esther is an integrative dietician, the best selling author of Cavewomen Don't Get Fat, and is a self-titled food fashionista. Esther was voted best nutritionist by Manhattan magazine recently and she has lots to share today.

Watch the video to learn…

  • What prompted her to write Cavewomen don't get fat
  • What sets this book apart from other paleo books
  • How and why she uses carbohydrate cycling
  • How paleo can change brain chemistry and reduce cravings
  • What obesigins are and what they're doing to your hormones
  • Her tips for getting friends or family interested in the paleo lifestyle
  • Her favorite food, her dream vacation spot, and her ultimate hope for the future in health

Esther has an exciting offer for us to share with our Calton Nutrition family.

She is hosting a 1-week guided paleo challenge to jumpstart your gorgeous transformation! We're thrilled to offer this FREE challenge to you, you can get all the details from Esther HERE. Not only is she including a free video series, but you'll also have access to free shopping lists, and her paleo chic foundations guide. How cool is that? Grab your spot now!