If you missed our first triple threat video, you can tune in here.

What better way to have your meal replacement than to have triple threat ice cream? You can even enjoy this as a snack, or 4pm pick-me-up! Our triple threat has everything you need, our IN.POWER organic, non-gmo verified single ingredient whey protein, SKINNYFat, our combo of MCT and organic coconut oil, and of course the multivitamin reinvented, nutreince. Today we're using our PM chocolate nutreince, but you can definitely play around with this recipe to make LOTS of flavor variations!

This triple threat ice cream is also a brain boosting, metabolism boosting treat that your kids will LOVE! Watch the video to see how we make it even more kid-friendly.

Triple Threat Ice Cream
2 pasture raised eggs
1 pint grass fed organic heavy cream
1 tbsp cinnamon
2 scoops IN.POWER organic grass-fed protein
2 packets nutreince PM chocolate
1 tbsp SKINNYfat original
20 drops of chocolate stevita or 1 tbsp stevita delight
1 tbsp grassfed beef gelatin (red container)

Step 1 : Beat eggs
Step 2 : Slowly pour in heavy cream
Step 3: Pour in IN.POWER, cinnamon , nutreince, and stevita delight (turn it up)
Step 4: Add in SKINNYFat
Step 5: Add in gelatin slowly

Put it into a dish in freezer or in popsicle containers or an ice cream machine to chill. Last but not least, enjoy! Don't forget to change it up and try some different flavor variations, and be sure to let us know what you think, and send us your recipes! You can email us, or even just hop over to Facebook and leave us a note!

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