Did you know that there are two types of hunger your body can experience?

Most of us are familiar with the first type of hunger, which occurs when you have not eaten enough food or have not eaten for a long period of time. Your body usually lets you know that you are experiencing this form of obvious hunger with stomach grumbling and hunger pangs.

The second type of hunger is not so obvious; it is known as “hidden hunger,” and it occurs when you have not ingested enough essential micronutrients. In the past, eating more food would alleviate both forms of hunger. That’s because the food of our ancestors delivered both caloric value and abundant micronutrient value. However, in modern times, simply eating more food will not necessarily reverse hidden hunger because many of today’s foods have become increasingly devoid of their essential vitamins and minerals. Because of this, hidden hunger now affects billions of people around the globe both in impoverished third world countries as well as in wealthy industrialized nations, and it is currently the world’s most widespread nutritional disorder.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to hidden hunger is that micronutrient sufficiency needs to come first, then you can let your diet philosophy follow behind. The Standard American Diet is full of what we defined as Naked Calories in our first best-selling book of the same title — or foods that have been stripped of their micronutrients due to farming practices, processing, and manufacturing processes, and even ways of cooking (e. g., microwaving, and deep frying).

We need to make changes, in what we eat and how we live in order to decrease micronutrient saboteurs. But how?

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