Some of you might have seen us posting on Facebook lately about our new detoxification method. That's right!   Even the cleanest of eaters needs to help the body to remove toxins. After all, in this day and age it is almost impossible to steer clear of all the obesogens, or endocrine disruptors in our environments.  What are obesogens?  They are natural and man-made chemicals that work by altering the regulatory system that controls your weight— increasing the fat cells you have, decreasing the calories you burn, and even altering the way your body manages hunger. These little guys can be a BIG problem.  And because we travel we are often in environments that we can't control we have little say about the fragrances used on the bed sheets as hotels.  Sometimes the only water to be had is in a water bottle. And the vegetables aside our evening steaks likely carry a bunch of unwanted pesticides.  All of these chemicals are obesogens – and in an effort to rid or bodies of these we understand the need for great detoxification.

Detoxing has many benefits when done correctly. Here are a few benefits:


  • Removes toxins from our bodies
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Improves how our immune system functions
  • Prevents chronic diseases
  • Can slow down premature aging
  • Increases energy and improves overall quality of life
  • Improves skin appearance and health
  • Enhances our mental and emotional clarity

So detoxing is really important….But you know how we are?  We always want to do it better, so we designed this great 1 – 2 punch that we're going to share with you! We want our minds and bodies to be clear of pollutants – here are our secrets to detoxification (the right way): DETOXIFICATION PUNCH #1: We like to get all hot and sweaty! sauna

Heat therapy, or saunas are an ancient method of cleansing the body used by numerous cultures around the for centuries have widespread positive effects on our health and can help you lose weight, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, enhance detoxification, and experience less joint pain.

Toxins are everywhere nowadays! Using an infrared sauna, versus a traditional hot rock or steam sauna, helps us to more effectively remove these toxins. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has shown that infrared sauna therapy increases excretion of heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium) as well as fat-soluble chemicals. Did you know that toxins stored in body fat can prevent you from effectively losing weight? Without detoxing these chemicals, weight loss will stall.

We never had much information on these types of sauna before, so we decided to to dig in and do a bit of research on them.  What we found was a company called Sunlighten Full Spectrum Saunas. They make the ONLY infrared saunas that are full spectrum.

Huh?  Infrared? Full – Spectrum?  That is what we said too!  So this is what we learned.

What is Infrared? Infrared light (experienced as heat) is the invisible part of the sun's spectrum with the ability to penetrate human tissue to produce a host of health benefits. It is naturally occurring from the sun and is the basis for all Sunlighten saunas.

Now, most infrared saunas only produce far infrared rays.  However, Sunlighten, through 56 independent studies and years of research, developed the world’s first and only full spectrum infrared sauna, which is why we were so interested.  It is much like how we update technologies with Anti-competition multivitamins. Our interest was peaked as to how they improved on the traditional sauna.

They harnessed the power of NEAR, MID AND FAR infrared rays.

Near Infrared Health Benefits: Near infrared waves have a shorter frequency range with the ability to penetrate the epidermis layer of the skin making it optimal for skin rejuvenation, wound healing and cell health.

Mid Infrared Health Benefits: Mid infrared wavelengths are mid-range and are beneficial for increasing circulation that mirrors the benefits of a passive cardiovascular workout. Regular infrared sauna use in the mid infrared range has been shown to significantly stimulate blood flow, even after the sauna session is completed. A 2013 study conducted at the Auburn University at Montgomery showed that acute flexibility increased up to 3x in the (Sunlighten) mPulse sauna using a mid and far infrared blend! Benefits to the increased range of motion include joint mobility, less friction in the joints, enabling of joint function to diminish stiffness and joint relaxation.

Far Infrared Health Benefits: Because infrared sauna therapy heats the body directly rather than simply warming the air, it raises the core body temperature and produces a deep, detoxifying sweat at the cellular level, where most toxins reside. Far infrared also aids in blood pressure reduction & weight loss, burning up to 600 calories in a single sauna session!

We are loving using these saunas as part of our regimen.  Right now, we are lucky to have a business nearby that has a Sunlighten full spectrum mPulse sauna.  We are loving doing sauna sessions there.  HOWEVER, we plan to pick one up to utilize at home.  We feel amazing and relaxed after utilizing this technology…but it is only half of our detox solution. ou can learn more about full spectrum infrared sauna therapy here: Sunlighten Saunas.

DETOXIFICATION PUNCH #2 We let our micronutrients do their jobs

Your body comes into contact with numerous toxic chemicals everyday. Some you ingest, some you clean your home with and others you slather on to beautify and protect your skin. However, you may never have thought of these toxic chemicals as EMDs (Everyday Micronutrient Depleters) that affect your micronutrient levels.

Nutritional science has shown micronutrients to be your body’s best defense from these dangerous toxic chemicals. Micronutrients work as the body’s natural detoxifers, affecting both the absorption and excretion of these toxic contaminants. They have also been shown to be highly effective at reducing the effects of toxicity, such as oxidative stress.

Where can you get these micronutrients? In our properly formulated multivitamin, and in micronutrient packed RICH foods!

First… from a well-formulated supplement like nutreince. During our years of research on micronutrients, we identified the 4 major flaws in the multivitamin. These pitfalls stand as roadblocks on your journey to achieving the extraordinary health you deserve. Until a supplement eliminates these problematic pitfalls you are simply wasting your money on multivitamins that just don’t work. Luckily, we identified and eradicated these flaws and created a product, nutreince, that delivers all the benefits of the essential vitamins and minerals in an easy to drink, enjoyable, twice a day multivitamin beverage. We created an easy to remember acronym to help you to identify superior supplements. We call it the ABCs of Optimal Supplementation Guidelines. The letters A, B, C and S all stand for flaws that make other multivitamins deliver less than they should. Click here to learn more about why the ABCs of Optimal Supplementation are so important, and how nutrience meets all of these important guidelines! Remember.. your multivitamin is your second jab or upper cut in the fight against toxins.   Here are a few examples of how:

  • Calcium, Iron, Phosphorous, Selenium, Zinc, Vitamins B1, B6, C, and E, as well as alpha-lipoic acid and quercetin have the ability to scavenge free radicals and chelate lead ions.
  • Phosphorous, Selenium, Vitamins A and E can prevent toxicity from arsenic that might be found in your rice, juice and foods containing synthetic nitrates and poultry from conventional farms.
  • Selenium and vitamins C & E can protect you from mercury in fish.

Another way to take in essential vitamins and minerals is by choosing micronutrient packed foods. However, we know the grocery store can be a confusing place! Did you know there are over 40,000 items lining the store shelves? In our book, Rich Food Poor Food, we walk you through the grocery store, aisle by aisle, breaking down the poor food ingredients and why to avoid them, as well as identifying rich food ingredients and brands, and where to find them! For a limited time, we are offering this book for FREE (only while supplies last)! Claim your copy now!

So, we really hope you decide to start thinking about detoxification. As a reminder, this is what we suggest:

Step 1: Get sweaty!  Spend some time in a sauna.  Our first choice, after all the research we did, is Sunlighten Full Spectrum Saunas.

Step 2: Drink in Health!  Take nutreince to make sure you have all the micronutrients to both help detoxification and deter absorption of these toxins in the future.

Step 3: Grab your FREE copy of Rich Food Poor Food and grocery shop smart.  You can utilize the guidelines for buying pesticide free, BPA free, and chemical additive free foods in every aisle of the store.