This week we’re using our 5 minute SKINNYFat mayo to make two delicious dips! If you missed last week's episode, you can watch it HERE.

When making dips and dressings, we recommend using organic, non-irradiated, non-GMO spices. If you’re buying spice mixes, be sure to check for hidden sugars and MSG. Of course you can learn all of this and more in our book, Rich Food Poor Food. Also, make sure to stop by the Rich Food Resource Center for special coupons and savings on our favorite organic non-GMO brands!

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Blue Cheese Dip Ingredients

(This is Jaysons favorite! He uses it on wings, in lettuce wraps, and pretty much anytime he has some handy…Remember – THIS FAT BURNS FAT!  You no longer need to dip lightly!)

1/2 of mayo from SKINNYFat Mayo recipe
4 oz organic blue cheese (gluten free!)
1/3 cup organic sour cream
4 oz organic cream cheese


Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth.
Note: you may need to stop and shake your blender a few times.
Also, If you like chunky blue cheese, hand crumble after blending all ingredients except blue cheese.

Cajun Mayo Ingredients

( Mira loves Cajun seasoning especially on her salmon cakes, but you can use any flavors you love.  How about a little curry in a chicken salad with walnuts and organic grapes? Make your own sushi dressing using wasabi and some cayenne for a kick!)

Choose a few tablespoons of organic non-irradiated spices such as:
Cayenne pepper
Cajun spices


Stir in spices and let sit overnight in. Serve cold as a dip, spread or topping!

We want to hear how your using your SKINNYFat!  Write in with recipes and send photos.

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