Most of our clients don’t come to us to discuss how to become micronutrient sufficient. Instead, they are usually more interested in discussing the fastest way to lose weight or conquer their out of control cravings for sweet snacks. They tell us that just one taste of a sweet treat or dessert sends them into a dietary nosedive – leaving them in a nearly uncontrollable state of sugar craving.

And I totally get it. I confess that I, Mira – half of this nutritional team, used to be just like them. I was a total sugar addict. I used to stop at the candy store daily to get my fix of my favorite candy – Swedish fish. I used to think that I was weak, and that the sugar had some sort of uncontrollable hold over me.

The truth is, it did. Science has now shown that sugar is more addictive than cocaine, and just one taste is enough to trigger a compulsive downward spiral in something we call “the Crave Cycle.” To understand how the Crave Cycle works, let’s examine how sugar affects cravings.

You eat something sweet and sugar goes into your body. What you may not know is that sugar blocks the absorption of essential minerals, including calcium and magnesium. And scientific studies have proven that a deficiency in these two micronutrients actually causes sugar cravings! That’s right, the act of eating sugar literally makes you want more sugar.

I learned this information far too late. You see, at the peak of my addiction to sugar, I was also diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis. Both calcium and magnesium are needed for strong bones. Turns out that the reason I felt like I physically needed Swedish fish every single day, was because my deficiencies in these very specific micronutrients were so deep. My addiction to sugar was literally sucking my bones dry! So I became micronutrient sufficient– and now I don’t crave sugar at all! And… I don’t have osteoporosis!

And if your one of those people whose body cries out for salty snacks over sweet ones, becoming micronutrient sufficient can kick your cravings to the curb too. Research shows that salt cravings are often due to a calcium deficiency. It works in a similar way to sugar. When you eat something salty the sodium temporarily increases calcium in the blood, which tricks your body into thinking the calcium deficiency is over. However, while this may temporarily satisfy your salt craving, the secreted bone calcium leads to an exacerbated calcium deficiency and further salt cravings.

So, while your body is shouting out for micronutrients, all you may be hearing is a craving for French fries, chips, chocolates or Swedish Fish (like I use to). Can you see the good news in this? It’s so simple. All you have to do is replenish those essential micronutrients and the cravings are quieted. We call it micronutrient sufficiency and conquering food cravings is just one of many health benefits your get when you achieve this vital state.

So, stop worrying – you aren’t out of control or crazy.

Your out of control food cravings are just your body’s way of desperately trying to tell you that you are micronutrient deficient.

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