We are all in this together…but really far apart

As you know we are all about to experience something that has never happened before – a global quarantine. While we pray that this will be over soon and that our preventive actions will yield beneficial results, we have been getting hundreds of emails asking us if we are going to be able to continue to provide our Calton Nutrition products during this time.

So, the first thing we want to make very clear is that this is NOT an attempt by us to try to scare you into purchasing our products – we condemn this type of fear mongering. We do however, want to take this one opportunity to answer those of you who have written and called. So, if you are not a person that is concerned with being able to continue to take your Calton Nutrition products for as long as possible during this crisis then this blog is NOT or you.

We understand that osteoporosis or other health issues don’t just go away during a global pandemic. We also know that many of you have a goal of staying as healthy as possible and maintaining a strong immune system. We believe the best way to do this is through micronutrient sufficiency – in other words getting enough of your essential vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids. This has always been our single message and it is our message to you again today. Below are the most frequently asked questions you have asked us.

Will you continue to ship product?

We honestly do not know how long our warehouse will be able to stay open and ship your orders. For now, everything is fine and orders are going out daily. Those of you who have ordered, as of now, will receive your packages. However, we do not sell our products on Amazon, so even if Amazon is able to stay open and ship products, we may not be able to do the same if our fulfillment warehouse closes down. This decision is completely out of our hands. If you want to continue to use our products and have not stocked up on them, this is the time to do it.

Some products are out of stock, will you be able to maintain stock over the next 3-6 months?

Here again this is completely out of our hands. We are working to make sure that all of our manufacturing plants are continuing to work to produce more product, but again, we can’t be sure how long they will continue to operate. Origin Omega and Vitamin D are days away from being completed and we are expecting a fresh supply of nutreince and our new product Calcium Bone Mineral Density to be complete within the month, but our new reality will likely delay this.

We are sorry that we have to pull back the curtain on our day to day operations, but we want you to have the information you need to make any decisions you want to make concerning having the products you need for the long term.

Because of a heightened desire for people to protect their health, we have seen a pick up in sales from new customers and this is great, but we want to make sure that YOU, our long term customers have an opportunity to get what you need for what might be a 2 month, 3 month, 6 month or even longer quarantine. While we currently still have most products in stock – if the products that are currently being produced do not complete manufacturing, for any reason, we will be completely sold out of nutreince in about 1 month, and other products in 2 mos. so if you do feel like you would like to stock up you may want to do so soon.

On a more personal note

We want you to know that we are safe and well and have decided to quarantine ourselves on the island of Anguilla. Here is our current plan:

  • We will be running all operations from here for the foreseeable future.
  • As you know helping you become as healthy as you can possible be has always been our singular focus and it is our plan and desire to continue to do that during this time of crisis.
  • We will continue to answer questions and pass along important health related information as we get it.
  • Please be patient as our support staff… They don’t have all the answers. They are working hard to answer your questions but many of the questions you are asking are things that only we can answer. We will get back to you in time, however, we are working hard to find a place to live on island as things here shift and close daily.
  • Spectracell results are coming in and we will work hard to get to those as soon as we have provisions.  This was not a planned trip so we have much to do here to stay safe.

Our prayers go out to each and every one of you.

Remember we are all in this together and we are here for you if you need us. We would love to hear from you all too… It makes us feel connected on this very tiny island so far away.

Stay safe… hunker down…shelter in place… and don’t let your health or sufficiency fail now.

Take care… Love, Mira & Jayson