We've all heard the expression, “All roads lead to Rome” right?

Well we want you to think of Rome as optimal health—a place we are all trying to get to— and all the different dietary philosophies as the various roads surrounding it. To the north there is Vegetarian Street, to the south, Paleo Street, and so on. While all the diets can bring you to optimal health, before you are let inside, you must pay a tax, and the only currency your body will accept is micronutrient sufficiency. If you don’t have your little piece of paper that says you are micronutrient sufficient, you are not getting in.

In our latest book, The Micronutrient Miracle, we’ve mapped out three steps that you absolutely must take in order to reach optimal health. These three steps are the same regardless of which dietary philosophy (spoke on the wheel) you are following on your quest.

The great thing about this new 28-day program is that your path is your own. Your food options are up to you. You are simply taking three giant steps down whichever spoke you already enjoy. And the program is even more personalized than that. We will give you the tools necessary to tailor the program to speak directly to your health concerns. You can choose to focus on reaching a desired weight, getting your blood pressure under control, increasing your bone density, or improving any one of a long list of other conditions and diseases. And because no two people are exactly alike, your Micronutrient Miracle program will be uniquely your own!

You can choose to take on The Micronutrient Miracle program on your own like so many already have. However, our next VIP coaching group starts February 28th, and we want you to join us, like so many other wonderful people who are having huge success! The success and support you'll find within our private group is nothing short of amazing.

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Hear what some of our graduates are saying…

“Sleeping 8-9 hours/night is sufficient now, where 10-12 hours were needed before the program.”

“My overall weight is down 5.6lbs but my muscle mass is up 5.1lbs, and I’ve lost 1.5” off my waist.”

“On day 2 at work I was offered two of my favorite sweets, peanut butter cookies and a Hershey bar. I turned both down and realized that I would rather be in good health than eat junk anymore.”

“I’ve never liked to cook and microwaved everything. I’m kinda getting into the cooking, and I haven’t used the microwave since beginning VIP. I’m thinking, so-far, so-good!”

“My a’ha moment this week is when I realized that I wasn’t using the railing to go upstairs. Normally my left leg just couldn’t support the weight. I’m not sprinting upstairs, but can comfortably go up now. My muscles in general do not ache as much as they use to. This week I have seen so much improvement in my energy level. Looking forward to what will happen next! (By the way, I have lost 9 lbs so far!!)”

“There have been a few times when I start thinking about wanting something sweet, then realize the thought is from habit because there’s no craving for it. So that’s that! Nice!”

“My a’ha moment is that it is not all about weight. It is about feeling good, having energy and knowing you are doing good things for your body.”

Ready to get started? You can take the first step toward optimal health by joining us for the next coaching group! Get the details here.