Hello everyone, and Happy New Years Eve! We hope you are all planning to have at least a quiet celebration this evening with someone special. Today we are sharing with you our interview with Jon Gabriel author of The Gabriel Method. If you are not familiar with Jon we urge you to play the interview sometime today, even if it is while you are cooking – not only is Jon a great guy he really is an inspiration. Jon lost over 200 pounds using his Gabriel Method and has kept it off for years and has helped thousands of others do the same. The great part is his method does not ask you to count calories. Instead it focuses on being sufficient in your vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids (sound familiar?), on de-stressing, and on the mind body connection. In fact – Jon has given you a free gift! Just click this link and you will get Jon’s evening Visualization program that will help your mind and body to work together so that you can lose weight easily without willpower or dieting. We love Jon’s method because it is a holistic approach to weight loss that deals with the physical, emotional and environmental triggers that can hold you back from reaching your weight loss goals. We hope you enjoy the interview.

If you want to watch Jon’s interview with ustalking to us about Naked Calories and how to achieve micronutrient sufficiencyyou can see that video HERE.

Additionally, this New Year we want to know what you would like to see from us! Do you want more info on the power of specific micronutrients, on healthy Rich Foods, or maybe you want us to talk about some completely different – this is your chance to tell us. Tell us the top three topics you want us to cover this year and tell us if you want us to cover them in a written format or if you prefer we cover your topic in video. (Write us HERE)

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year,
Mira & Jayson