We want to talk about something serious in this blog, something we think is extremely important — SEX! With Valentine’s Day here, we don’t want there to be any excuses in the bedroom.  We don’t want to hear that you are too tired, have a headache or that you aren’t in the mood. Regardless of your age or sex, it is time for you to get a little bit frisky. So, if your libido is just so-so it is time to boost your MOJO with micronutrients!

That’s right! We are going to make micronutrients SEXY! While some people look to aphrodisiacs such as oysters or Spanish fly to intensify their sexual desire, we want to assure you that becoming sufficient in your essential micronutrients will be all you need to bring some spice back into the bedroom. Some micronutrients provide building blocks for making the sex hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, and without the proper amounts of these vitamins and minerals, it can be difficult to maintain good sexual health. Others help to lower stress levels and boost energy and physical enjoyment.

Here are seven amazing micronutrients to heat up this Valentine’s Day.

Vitamin D

You probably already know that there is a widespread vitamin D deficiency among Americans, mostly due to the fact that we are spending more time indoors and less time soaking up the sun. In The Micronutrient Miracle we highlighted the fact that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than half of the general population in the United States is vitamin D deficient, regardless of age. Additionally, about 70 percent of elderly Americans and 90 percent of Americans of color are vitamin D deficient. However, what you may not know is that a vitamin D deficiency can devastate a women’s sex drive because it can bring on low estrogen levels, as well as bone diseases and cardiovascular difficulties. Low vitamin D can also make you moody and depressed – two attributes rarely associated with steamy romance. And men, low vitamin D levels mean low testosterone and that equals a low libido. So boost both of your vitamin D levels this year and make cupid work overtime!

Vitamin A (real vitamin A, NOT beta carotene!)

Could vitamin A be a natural Viagra? Listen up guys…if you are having any troubles in the bedroom you may want to check your vitamin A levels as vitamin A deficiency can result in lower production of the essential sex hormone testosterone and is the most common deficiency in impotent men. With more than 50% of Americans deficient in Vitamin A, this looks like a good place to start if your looking to put a little steam back in the bedroom. A sign of this deficiency may be some not so sexy dry skin.

Vitamin E

According to the USDA, only 13 percent of the U.S. is sufficient in vitamin E. That’s too bad, because vitamin E has been called the “sex vitamin” due to its ability to aid in the feelings of desire, attraction and enhanced mood. It doesn’t hurt that it is also considered an anti-aging secret as well. What could be better than looking young and feeling like a teenager in love again? Some find vitamin E can also be used topically as a sexual lubricant, and it may increase sensation. Just open a natural vitamin E liquid capsule, use topically, and boost the enjoyment of this special night.

Vitamin B1 (thiamin)

Do you want to make the passion last all nightlong? Then you will want to make sure you are getting enough vitamin B1 in your diet. Vitamin B1 is important to maintain energy and sex drive, as well as for metabolism. Those with deficient B vitamins may find themselves with low sexual desire and may feel tired or sluggish…a deficiency can also make you feel constipated, which is never very sexy.

Vitamin B3 (niacin)

Vitamin B3 increases blood flow to the extremities, and yes, that also includes the brain! This vitamin is crucial in the process of achieving orgasm during sexual encounters. You can turn on your ability to get off by eliminating a niacin deficiency that could be putting a real damper on your sex life.


There is a reason that oysters are aphrodisiacs.  They are loaded with zinc.  The essential mineral zinc is required for testosterone production, and testosterone is a major component of sexual desire in both men and women. As we age testosterone levels can drop.  Zinc may just be the perfect sexual remedy to the rescue.


Don’t forget about the big O! Hey, we are talking about omega-3 here. Omega-3 fatty acids are super sexy in a few different ways. First, much like that massage your partner might offer you as foreplay, omega-3 fatty acids can help to calm anxieties and de-stress, helping you to get in the mood.  They also help to balance out your hormones and increase the circulation to your happy parts.

Essential Micronutrient Function Foods Containing
vitamin D lowers estrogen and testosterone levels eggs, salmon, milk, shitake mushrooms
vitamin A lowers production of sex hormones cheese, liver, yogurt, green leafy vegetables
vitamin E aids in desire nuts, seeds, green leafy vegetables
vitamin B1 (Thiamin) boosts energy & sex drive tuna, nuts, beans, peas, grains
vitamin B3 (Niacin) increases blood flow chicken, liver, salmon, broccoli, yogurt, mushrooms
zinc increases testosterone oysters, spinach, pumpkin seeds, garlic
omega-3 fatty acids removes stress & supports hormones and circulation fish oil, flax, chia seeds

So, is there a magic potion or a quick romance-boosting powder or capsule to pop?

Yes, indeed there is. And the great news is that not only can this love potion fill your spouses heart with lust, but a new study also proves that this very same concoction can also make their ticker more robust leading to a longer healthier life. A 2016 Harvard study showed that when men used a daily multivitamin for at least 20 years, they had a 44% lower chance of heart attacks and stroke (cardiovascular disease) when compared to those who did not use a daily multivitamin for the same timeframe. Additionally, large-scale epidemiologic studies suggest that people at risk for coronary heart disease (CHD) benefit from consuming omega-3 fatty acids.  

So, in order to keep the ticker in tip-top condition with a propensity for passion we suggest the following Valentine’s Passion Prescription.

Valentine’s Passion Prescription

  • 1 AM nutreince passion infused potion (supplying ½ of the daily value of essential micronutrients)
  • 1 AM Origin Omega capsule (EPA for extra satisfaction)
  • 1 PM nutreince passion infused potion (supplying ½ of the daily value of essential micronutrients)
  • 1 PM Origin Omega capsule (DHA for desire)

Ok, while this may sound kind of silly, we are very serious about the point that we are trying to make here.  Micronutrients are essential for the body to function properly.  And that means both in and out of the sack. Taking care of your significant other and increasing their overall health by making sure they are getting the essential micronutrients their body needs to thrive, really is the best way to show them that you love them and that you want their companionship for a long time to come.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Mira & Jayson