J: Welcome to the beginning of your 28-days of daily motivation and inspiration.  Here’s how this works.

M: First before you can start your 28-days we want to make sure that you have completed a few tasks. You will see a checklist on this page.  Read through them carefully and make sure that you have finished each and every one of them.

J: You don’t want to start until you gone through each item on this checklist because there is no pressing the pause button.  There is no “I wasn’t ready button”. Once you say that you are ready to get your 28-day program started …and hit the start button.. We will send you daily email messages with our favorite go-to tips, one each morning, to help you along your path.

M: The videos will start arriving to your email box the very next morning so make sure you are ready.  There is a lot of prep work to be done between the pantry purge, the restocking of the fridge, the ordering of any supplements, the pre- making of sauces and dips and all those other things on the check list on this page so please make sure you are really ready to begin before hitting the start button.

J:  And if you are signed up for the Inner Circle VIP membership you will not want to hit the start button until the day before your start date. That way the videos will arrive as you move through the program with your group. In the past we have learned that it works best this way.

M:  Well that’s all we really wanted to share with you here.  We are thrilled you are joining us for these 28-days.  We are honored that you have chosen to work with us personally and we cant wait to be here for you every step of the way.

J:  We look forward to learning all about the mini micronutrient miracles you encounter on your 28-day journey.  What will your miracle be?  Click the button only when you are ready to begin, and let’s find out the answer to that question together.